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October 2017

The Missing Piece Workshop Overview: ‘Use Marketing to Attract the Right Customers’

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On the 26th October we ran our first Missing Piece workshop, providing a preview for our 2018 event series.  The Missing Piece event series is specifically designed to facilitate small and medium business owners to grow their businesses. The first event in this workshop series focused on how to use marketing to attract the right customers. We decided to begin with this event because being able to identify the right customers is crucial to running a successful small business.

Our Co-Founder and Business Growth Specialist Natalia Perera facilitated the workshop and discussed the tools required to craft marketing to attract the right customers. Natalia outlined and provided tips and tricks for business owners on how to get better clients and demonstrate their value.

The workshop was run in an interactive format, with Natalia asking questions to the audience and facilitating group discussion. A focus of the event was to gain clarity on the value proposition which needs to be established to be able to attract the right customers. There were also activities that focused on the customer journey and customer experience.   There was also opportunity for attendees to network and form meaningful connections with like-minded individuals throughout and after the workshop.

With approximately 20 attendees in the room, there was a variety of different small business owners. The mix of businesses included business coaches, accounting firms, consultancy agencies, law firms, web designers and start-ups. Set up as an informal dinner party, the environment made for a fun and informative workshop. By the end of the night, all attendees left with some new found leanings and ideas for their own business.

Food and refreshments were available throughout the night. The food was all locally sourced from the South Melbourne Market, with a selection of cheese, wine, biscuits and fruit.

This event introduced the first of many workshops to come in 2018.

We will be hosting an End of Year Celebration / 2017 Christmas Party at Business Growth Partners.

The details:

Date: 6th of December

Location: Syneka House, 204 Bank Street, South Melbourne

For further information: call Ruby on 1300 965 985 or email us at

Attendees at our Business Model Canvas Event

Attendees at our Business Model Canvas Event


The host, Natalia Perera facilitating the workshop

The host, Natalia Perera facilitating the workshop


Attendees discussing their business objectives

Attendees discussing their business

Fresh Chapter Networking Event Review: ‘Digital Disruption & The Future of Businesses’

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I attended the Fresh Chapter in the Melbourne CBD. Fresh is a networking group that brings together business owners. Members of the CBD Chapter catch up fortnightly at the Melbourne Mint. Given its location, this group had a large amount of lawyers and financial brokers. In many ways Fresh is similar in composition to that of a BNI group as the meeting is structured, and its focus on providing members with referrals. As a guest it can be difficult to gain value from groups such as this as cliques have already been established, and this group was no different.

Given that the event was free, we had to purchase something from the venue. I bought a lemon, lime bitters that I later found out cost $12! So I would suggest that if you purchase something at this venue to avoid buying that.

The event consisted of time for members and guests to introduce themselves. I found that there were a large number of guests in the space. We also had to speak about a bone that we had broken. Interestingly, on of the lawyers told me that I could have a case with Telstra in regard to spraining my ankle at the end of last year – I guess that’s something I should have looked into in hindsight after spending about 6 months unable to properly walk or exercise.

There was also a discussion from one of the members about starting a business.

The speaker of the day spoke about digital disruption and the future of businesses and how they will be more reliant on digital technologies. I am not that sure how much knowledge he had on this topic as he was more of a business development manager rather than a IT professional. Regardless, the group was receptive to the presentation.

In conclusion, if you are new to business, and new to networking, this is probably a good group to attend to build you confidence.

Location: Melbourne Mint, 280 William St, Melbourne VIC 3000

Cost: Free

Highlight: Location was beautiful

Hot tip: Avoid the lemon, lime bitters – it’s not worth the price

Rating 2/5

BNI Limitless Networking Meeting Tullamarine

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I attended the BNI Limitless meeting in Tullamarine. The event was held at the Quality hotel.

BNI is a referral based network that has many chapters across Melbourne. I attended this chapter by invitation through my contact Jane from KISS Print Services. Jane and I often attend networking events together. Jane is a member of this BNI chapter.

It is often a good idea to attend networking events with someone that you know. It helps provide reassurance that you are not alone at the event and also makes networking easier as it is sometimes easier to approach a group rather than an individual person.

BNI groups are a useful tool for businesses that provide transnational services such as printing, trades or property services to get together. BNI groups provide attendees with the ability to network with a range of people from their local community. It also provides a structure support network for these businesses. I have been to a few BNI groups in the past, and this group I have to say is one of the friendliest that I have been to.

At BNI Tullamarine

At BNI Tullamarine

To be able to fully experience a BNI you need to go to it, as it is not for everyone.

While this was an event that generally falls during breakfast, there was no breakfast provided with the event – so if you do attend this make sure that you eat before. It also took about an hour to get there via Uber – there was no way of easily leaving the BNI and I was fortunate that one of the attendees as able to offer me a lift back. Otherwise I would have been stuck on public transport for around 2 hours.

Location: 265 Mickleham Road, Tullamarine, VIC 3043

Cost: Free

Highlight: Speaker – discussing plumbing services  – learned things about plumbing that I never knew

Hot tip: Eat breakfast before you attend

Rating 3/5

Reach Foundation Breakfast Review: ‘The Millennials’

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The Reach Foundation hosted a breakfast on the 19th of November. The breakfast was located at Deloitte on Bourke Street.

The sit down breakfast was held from 7.30am to 9.00am. It was a small intimate breakfast which allowed all attendees to get to know everyone there and hear what we all had to say.

The attendees consisted of team members from Reach, including the CEO and Reach facilitators and various other small businesses.

The Reach Foundation supports young people to get the most out of life. Their mission is to encourage teenagers to believe they can achieve anything. Highlighting the issues and obstacles that a young person, aged 13-20 face daily.

The breakfast was run similar to a workshop in which the facilitator encouraged open and honest discussions.  One main focus of discussion was the next generation of leaders: the Millennials.
Millennials make up 30% of the workplace in Australia. We discussed millennials in the workplace, how to motivate millennials and how to understand their generational characteristics.

The facilitators and CEO also discussed the strategic plan over the next 4 years for the Reach Foundation. As well as the workshops and retreats the Reach Foundation host frequently.

The breakfast was a good selection of yoghurt and granola compotes, fruit, croissants, muffins as well as a choice of hot beverage.

Location: Deloitte, 550 Bourke Street, Melbourne

Cost: Free

Highlight: Learning and listening to the highly skilled facilitators talk

Hot tip: Arrive early so you have a chance to properly chat and network with the other attendees

Rating 3/5

VECCI Fast Forward Speed Networking Event Review

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The Victorian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VECCI) held its speed networking event on Wednesday 11th of October.
The event was from 5.30pm-8pm at Citadines on Bourke Street.

VECCI Fast Forward Speed Networking event is quite similar to a speed dating event where you sit across from an individual, you are given a total of two minutes to network with the business owner before moving onto the next business contact.

The attendees are the Fast Forward event contained a mix of business development managers, small business owners and relationship managers from corporate organisations such as banks and Universities.

The venue at Citadines had high ceilings and when all participants spoke at once, the event become very loud. Don’t forget to bring in a glass of water in as you are speaking quite fast and loud.
Overall, you meet up to about 20 people throughout the night.

There is the opportunity after the formal networking rounds are finished, to further network with like-minded individuals over drinks and canapes until the event ends.

Location: Citadines on Bourke Street, 131/135 Bourke St, Melbourne VIC 3000

Cost: $60 members, $80 non members

Highlight: Being able to meet a selection of interesting businesses in one night

Hot tip: To remember to bring a lot of business cards to the event so you don’t run out

Rating: 2/5



Attendees at the VECCI Fast Forward Event

Attendees at the VECCI Fast Forward Event

Attendees at the VECCI Fast Forward Event


Marketing Womens Inc Breakfast Review: ‘Changes in Marketing’

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This breakfast event was to celebrate women in marketing and ran from 7.30am to 9am.
The event was organised by the Marketing Womens Inc where it was held at Y&R Melbourne on Collins Street. The layout of the building provided a friendly and welcoming setting for the networking event whilst we listened to the guest speakers.

The guest panel were Margie Reid (Managing Director of OMD) and Teresa Basile (Former General Manager of Marketing, Communications and Digital at GM Holden).
The two industry leaders discussed the impact of the changes that are taking place within marketing today in businesses as well as discussing some insights into their businesses.

As it was a morning event, most attendees left straight away to get to work on time which provided with limited opportunity to network after the event finished. There was the opportunity to network with the guests who were seated on your table.

The catering for the breakfast was a selection of pastries, toast and bagels as well as fruit. Beverages such as coffee, tea and fruit juices were also available.

The Melbourne Womens Inc (MWI) have regular networking events, as well as a mentoring program which focuses on empowering women and connecting women through marketing. You can sign up to become a mentor or a mentee here.

Location: Y&R Melbourne, Level 3, 162 Collins Street Melbourne, 3000

Highlight: The event was catered well for a breakfast and the guest speakers were interesting

Hot tip: Get in early before the breakfast selection run out and the MWI are starting an October Book Club event

Rating: 3/5

Breakfast at the MWI event

Breakfast at the MWI event

Breakfast at the MWI event


Guest speakers at MWI

Guest speakers at MWI

VECCI Small Business Summit Review: ‘Keeping Small Businesses Competitive’

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To recognise small businesses and jobs in Victoria, the Victorian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VECCI) hosted an event.

This event was held at Sofitel Melbourne on Collins from 10am to 12pm. The event featured a sit down breakfast where there was a small muffin selection and a choice of a hot beverage to bring to your seat.

98% of Victorian businesses are small businesses with less than 20 employees. The key themes and discussions of this event were to explore what we need to do to keep small businesses competitive and create sustainable jobs in Victoria for the future. Discussing the importance of growth within Victorian small businesses into 2018 and beyond.

There was a panel of three who shared their views on the Victoria Summit Forum. These three business leaders who were on the panel were Tarah Barzanji (Principal of AlphaBeta Advisors), Matteo Pignatelli (Owner of Matteo’s restaurant) and Ray Keefe (Managing Director of Successful Endeavours).
The panel members discussed their perspectives on how to keep small businesses in Victoria competitive, what needs to be acted upon to encourage sustainable job growth and if the current education and training system meet the needs of the small businesses in Victoria. There was an opportunity for the audience to also ask questions to the panel.

The attendees of the event were a mix of industry professionals and small business owners. It was quite difficult to network as was a seated event and there was not much time before or after the discussion begun to meet someone new at the event.

Location: Sofitel Melbourne on Collins, 25 Collins Street, Melbourne VIC 3000

Cost: Free

Highlight: Listening to the panel discuss Victoria in the future

Hot tip: Get in early as it is a seated event. There was limited time to network before and after the event

Rating: 2/5

Panel discussions at the Victorian Small Business Summit