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November 2017

Yarra City Council Lunchbox Learning Event Review: ‘Make Sales Leads Find you’

By Business

I attended the Yarra City Council Lunchbox Learning session on Thursday 30th of November. The topic of discussion was on how to make sales leads find you.

The Lunchbox Learning sessions are hosted by the Yarra City Council. They have been running for the past 4 years and are held at the last Thursday of each month.

The intent of these sessions are for local businesses to get together to share their knowledge, listen and learn to the speaker and to have the opportunity to network.

As it was a lunchtime event running from 12pm-1pm, attendees could bring their lunch to eat or there was tea, coffee, cold water and biscuits provided for all.
It was quite humid and the temperature was hot during the day so being greeted to a cold glass of water was a great start to the session!

I attended this event through my contact Umesh Ratanje from Brompton & Co.

The speaker was Nerissa Atkinson who is the Creative Director and co-Founder of The Revery, a Marketing Agency based in Richmond.

The topic was how to make sales leads find you, Nerissa focused on two aspects which were making sure your band appeals and knowing where your target audience is looking.

Nerissa discussed the importance of content marketing. Content helps convert your website visitors into customers.
For content marketing to be effective, it must be creative and insightful. This enables your business to build relationships and add value to your brand.

As lunch can be a busy time, the event went for 1 hour and a lot of attendees left exactly at 1pm to get back to work on time. Arriving about 15-20 minutes earlier than the event provides you with a good opportunity to network with the attendees before listening to the speaker. There were 7 attendees are the lunchtime event which provided for a small and intimate group.

The cost of the event is free. All Lunchbox Learning sessions are free and are worthwhile attending. It was an informal event, allowing the attendees to sit down, relax and listen to the speaker throughout a lunchtime learning session before heading back to a busy afternoon at work.

Location: Richmond Town Hall, 333 Bridge Road, Richmond, 3121

Highlight: The speaker Nerissa, provided us with some good insights and tips on content marketing.

Cost: All sessions are free and it was a worthwhile event

Hot tip: The group of attendees were friendly and the biscuits were delicious

Rating: 3/5

Digital Leadership Institute Dinner Review: ‘The Impact of Digital Technology’

By Business

The Digital Leadership Institute has been created to bring together digital leaders and highlight the impact of digital disruption and digital technology. The dinner I attended was the official launch of the organisation. It was held at the Angliss Restaurant a teaching restaurant linked to Willam Angliss Institute.

The dinner brought together digital professionals from a range of industries including education, telecommunications, the utilities sector and marketing. As a marketer we often recommend digital tactics to our clients such as the implementation of a CRM system or the creation of a website. One of the main discussion points at the event was the need for digital professionals to take accountability and be strategic with their approach. Being strategic through the creation of a marketing plan is something that we recommend before putting in place a range of marketing tactics. This reduced the chance of marketing becoming hit and miss.

There was an extensive amount of food at the event from seafood (including oysters and crabs!) to cheese platters- with three course on offer through a buffet style setting. There were also speeches from the organisers and Victor Perton, who was the keynote speaker at the event.


Attendees at the event were mainly consultants and individuals in senior roles in corporate organisations. It was a different mix to the usual attendees digital events which consist primarily of start up business owners.

There was also the option of the event to become a member of the institute, memberships for professionals are $500. We wish the Digital Leadership Institute the best with their future endeavors.

Location: 550 Little Lonsdale St, Melbourne VIC 3000

Cost: $60

Highlight: Speeches were insightful – very different to the normal digital disruption event

Hot tip: If you do get involved with this group, relationships will take time to build – they are friendly though!

Rating 4/5

WeWork Growth Colony Inaugural Event Review: ‘Brand Strategy and Marketing Strategy’

By Business

I attended the WeWork Growth Colony inaugural event. WeWork is a co-working space located in the Melbourne CBD. The brand has a global presence as is well regarded by early start up founders.

Growth Colony is an event series that they have developed to bring entrepreneurs and small business owners to talk about marketing and everything that goes with it. The event was held at the WeWork office.

The presenter at the event was Peter Engelhardt – Director of Creative Brew & Founder of Plan2Brand. Peter spoke about brand and the role of a brand strategy.  He took the audience through how they can be more effective with their branding, in particular from a start up perspective. The information was relevant and well communicated and identified clearly the difference between a marketing strategy and brand.

The view - WeWork

The view – WeWork

At WeWork Bourke Street

At WeWork Bourke Street

We often develop brand strategies as a part of our work for Business Growth Partners clients. Often people come to us thinking that the brand is the visual identity when there are other strategic elements that are associated with it.

This event had a lot of potential, however there were only 8 attendees besides myself. There was more than enough room for about 40 people in the venue. So this was disappointing from a networking perspective. Often with businesses such as WeWork an agile model is employed when developing concepts. They told me that they only had about a week to promote this event which reduced uptake of the event. There was also no catering of the event and no clear way to get into the building.  When we develop events we usually begin promotions at least a month out. Hopefully in the new year there is potential for WeWork to grow this series as marketing is an area that is so important in start up.

Location: 125 Elizabeth Street, Melbourne 3000

Highlight: The venue – amazing views

Cost: Free

Hot tip: Ask questions if you are a start up founder


Venue: 5/5

Catering: 1/5 – there was water, tea and coffee

Speaker: 4/5

Networking opportunity: 1/5

Total: 11/20

Women’s Leadership Breakfast Review: ‘Owning Your Power In and Through Overwhelm’

By Business

The event I attended was to celebrate women in business. I attended the Women’s Leadership Breakfast which ran from 9am-10.30am. The event was held in a boardroom at One Roof on City Road. One Roof is a co-working business space for women and provided a relaxing and bright open space for our breakfast.

The event was hosted by Kelly Tsagournos who is a development and transformational coach.  Her main focus is to empower and inspire women to thrive in their personal and professional lives.
Throughout these forums which Kelly hosts regularly. Kelly’s aim is to create a space for women who want to develop, grow and feel supported as well as making connections with like-minded women around them.

The topic of this breakfast event was owning your power in and through overwhelm. This session was to support women as we tackle the challenges, demands and opportunities that we face throughout our life. We started from the basics and discussed what the triggers and causes are of feeling overwhelmed, how we move through and manage this feeling as well as actions to be taken to reduce and prevent being overwhelmed.  Acknowledging and accepting that we as individuals often will feel overwhelmed throughout difference stages of our life is important.

The catering for the breakfast event was great. As the event started at 9am, I already had breakfast beforehand and was not expecting much food to be on offer. However when I arrived, there was a substantial selection of food! The selection included fruits, muffins and ham, cheese and tomato toasties which all were eaten up. Beverages such as hot chocolate, coffee and tea were also available.

There was not much of an opportunity to network throughout or after the event. The event was more of a informal group discussion where everyone had the chance to speak. It was a small, intimate group of women which provided a encouraging space to talk. Majority of the women at the breakfast had been to Kelly’s previous events before and were quite good friends with Kelly.

Location: One Roof, 77-79 City Road, Southbank, 3006

Highlight: The event was catered well for a breakfast and the topic of discussion was interesting

Hot tip: The group of women are really friendly

Rating: 3/5

Selection of breakfast at the Women's Leadership Breakfast

Selection of breakfast at the Women’s Leadership Breakfast

Australian British Chamber of Commerce Trivia Night Review: ‘Multimedia Trivia’

By Business

This event was hosted by the Australian British Chamber of Commerce (ABCC), celebrating their first ever trivia night.

The event was held at Spaces Richmond, a co-working space with a unique interior design on Church Street. The co-working hub currently has over 250 office desks. They have just announced that two new Melbourne locations in the City will open in late 2018. Located at the Rialto and the T&G Building both on Collins Street.

We attended the event, with our friend and team-member Duncan Buchanan, the Director of Adept Research.

The event began a 6pm and ended at 9pm. The first hour, attendees arrived and had the opportunity to network with other attendees.

The trivia began at 7pm sharp where all attendees sat in their teams of 4 on a designated table and created a team name. There was about 20 teams who had signed up to attend the trivia night.

The trivia was run by a program called Quiz Meisters. Quiz Meisters is not your traditional trivia. The majority of the questions asked were based on multimedia either listening to a song, watching a video or looking at an image. As well as interactive questions where team members had to stand up and move around.

Quiz Meisters provided for a fun and exciting environment which was different to any other trivia we had participated in before. The layout of the event at Spaces Richmond also provided for a informal, spacious and relaxing tone to the night.

The catering for the event was excellent. The table filled with rice paper rolls, pork buns, chicken sandwiches, sausage rolls and corn fritters. We were able to take a plate to our table and eat throughout the event. The refreshments at the bar included beer, wine, champagne and soft drink.

Although there was an opportunity to network at the beginning of the night. It was not much of an official networking event as some attendees came to the trivia night in Richmond to just relax and enjoy a night of trivia.

Location: Spaces, 580 Church Street, Richmond, 3121

Cost: To submit a team of 4, cost is $120

Highlight: The location was interesting and the event was well catered for.

Hot tip: The trivia is not your traditional trivia. Come prepared for an interactive and fresh approach to trivia.

Rating: 3/5

Image from Australian British Chamber of Commerce Website