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January 2018

New plants at the office

By Fashion

Over the holidays after about 2 years of saying I would learn how to do it – I decided to make some terrariums for the office.

Terrariums are miniature environments that contain plants, rocks and accessories. All new BGP clients this year will be receiving their own terrariums made by us!

John Maltby Event Review: ‘Creating a Powerful Personal Brand’

By Business

I attended John Maltby’s event about ‘How to Create a Powerful Personal Brand’.

The event was held at General Assembly on Williams Street. General Assembly hosts short-courses, events and workshops throughout the year.

The event was from 12.30-1.30pm which was convenient as it’s throughout lunch time and the location of the event was easy to get to via pubic transport.

John Maltby is a personal branding and career consultant. He focuses on helping his clients define their professional identity by uncovering their unique strengths and skills as well as promoting themselves by defining their core message.

John believes that your own personal brand is the new formula to a career success.

In saying that however, your personal brand can be easily damaged – just like pro golfer Tiger Woods and singer Chris Brown!

John outlined 3 crucial steps in creating your personal brand

  1. Define
  2. Refine
  3. Communicate

Define and deconstruct who you are and what value you bring at your work.

Refine and reconstruct your core message. Create a branding statement that captures who you are and what you do as well as identifying your top skills and your goals.

Communicate and self promote yourself. Highlighting on the importance of your digital presence and making sure that your LinkedIn is a well documented with key words to summarise your work ethic.

John believes ‘when you become visible, you become valuable’.

There was a good turnout to John’s event however there was a very little opportunity to network.

Majority of the attendees actually worked at General Assembly and came to listen to John on their lunch break. As soon as John finished speaking, a lot of the attendees left as they had to get back to work.

This event was the 1st session of his workshop series.

Each Wednesday from 12.30pm-1.30pm over the next five weeks, John will be speaking at General Assembly. His upcoming one hour sessions include perfecting your elevator pitch, creating the ultimate CV,  optimising your online presence and how to uncover the hidden job market.

These five sessions of his workshop are free to attend.

I would attend John’s events in the future. They were informative and he provided a lot of useful tips. The event also being during lunch hours is a bonus as it only took 15 minutes to get into the CBD.

Remember to bring a notepad or a laptop to note down what John is saying. Felt like an hour of power – as he goes through a lot of content and information in the space of one hour!


Location: GA Melbourne, 12A, 45 William Street, Melbourne, 3000

Cost: Free

Highlight: Was a very informative hour

Hot tip: Bring a laptop to take notes and get there early


Overall Rating

Venue: 4/5

Catering: 0/5There was no food or drinks on offer

Speaker: 4/5

Networking opportunity: 0/5

Total: 8/20


John Maltby defining what Personal Branding is


Welcome to 2018

By Business

2018 is finally upon us. Hopefully you have had time to reflect on your successes and learning over the break and are refreshed and revitalized for the new year.

2017 was a time of growth and change at Business Growth Partners. We made it passed the start up stage and are now a thriving team of 6 marketing and business professionals.

Our focus is growth – and we hope 2018 is a year we can help more small businesses achieve their goals.

We will be holding a series of events as well as kicking off the year with a Welcome Back party. if you would like to attend please register through:

or give Ruby a call on 1300 965 985. We look forward to starting off the year right with you!



Business Network International: BNI Greenacres Meeting (January 24th, 2018) Review

By Business

Business Network International (BNI) is well-known worldwide for its extensive small business network and the many meetings that it hosts throughout various cities and locales. Today’s meeting, which was hosted by the BNI Greenacres chapter at the Greenacres Golf Club in Kew, felt quite earnest yet exclusive. BNI itself is very selective with who it accepts as members, and it showed today. Many of the attendees were recurring members, with a select few presented with ribbons in recognition of multiple years of service.

While it was clear that BNI meetings are typically very-structured, this particular event was not run very well. The hosts did not clearly signpost the various discussion sections nor did they provide succinct and clear explanations for what each participant was supposed to present in each section. In fact, I was not given the opportunity to speak in my relevant section but was instead rushed through a different one that was catered to familiar faces and not newcomers like myself. The lack of clear leadership really hurt the meeting’s potential for strong discussion and sharing insight, so the attendees most likely missed out on a fruitful experience. This was exacerbated by there being more energy put behind reminding members of their payment obligations than encouraging them to volunteer as highlighted speakers in succeeding events.

Networking-wise, the opportunities were excellent for small businesses who rely on referrals to generate sales, such as printers, bookkeepers, and photographers. However, BNI’s insular format doesn’t readily lend itself well to business owners looking to scale up their operations by developing a larger customer base.

My overall experience was a negative one, and BNI would do well to ensure that newcomers are greeted appropriately and are able to easily follow each meeting’s structure. Those looking for a clique of like-sized businesses may benefit from the weekly meetings, but those who are looking to expand their operations should look elsewhere.

Things of note:

  • Location: Greenacres Golf Club, 51 Elm Grove, Kew East
  • Cost: $1200/year
  • Highlight: One of the members is participating in the Rottnest Channel Swim
  • Hot tip: Bring lots of business cards


  • Networking opportunity: 2/5
  • Speakers: 2/5
  • Venue: 3/5
  • Food: 3/5

Total: 10/20

Startup Grind Melbourne: Startup Grind hosts Tony Wheeler (Lonely Planet) Review

By Business

Startup Grind Melbourne kicked off 2018 with a lovely summer session at MYOB’s Melbourne office in Cremorne. While you’d expect a low turnout for an event in early January, storied guest speaker Tony Wheeler (Lonely Planet) made sure that a few dozen sparkling eyes were in attendance.

Tony regaled the audience by sharing anecdotes from Lonely Planet’s humble beginnings in the early 1970s to his and his wife Maureen’s most recent work with The Wheeler Foundation and the Global Heritage Fund. He also discussed how Lonely Planet was a very early adopter of digital publishing and even published its books and maps on portable devices in the 1990s and early 2000s. Interestingly, Tony noted that Lonely Planet’s offline sales have grown despite the overall physical book market shrinking – maybe we’re too worried about paying for data overseas to use our smartphones.

The majority of the attendees seemed to be 30-somethings who were looking for inspiration and advice on their next projects. We attended the event to meet some of these wide-eyed hopefuls to see how we could help them fulfill their dreams.

As for the venue itself, MYOB’s office certainly appeals to the start-up crowd, but its uncomfortable seating and small foyer was not conducive to a pleasant listening or networking experience. Speaking of networking, it would be a good idea to get StartUp Grind early if a storied speaker like Tony Wheeler is speaking because the majority of the crowd tends to flock around the speaker for photos, book signings, and a chance to chat.

All in all, Tony was the highlight of an otherwise okay start to StartUp Grind’s 2018 calendar.


Things of note:

  • Location: MYOB, 167 Cremorne St, Cremorne
  • Cost: From $30
  • Highlight:Tony Wheeler’s stories and photographs
  • Hot tip:Come early for a better chance at networking


  • Networking opportunity: 3/5
  • Speaker: 4/5
  • Venue: 2/5
  • Food: 2/5

Total: 11/20