Meetup: Free Speed Networking Melbourne Event Review

By March 8, 2018 March 21st, 2018 Business

On the 7th of March, I attended a free speed networking event organised through Meetup. It was guaranteed that everyone will meet at least 10 different people and that no time will be wasted as the evening would be structured.

At the event, I did meet 10 different people. However, a lot of time was wasted as the structure of the evening fell apart quickly, and I spend at least 20 minutes during the event without a partner as the hosts were not moving participants along. I did end up meeting 10 new people, however, most people were looking for a job and not in a position where a discussion would have created value for each of us.

The event was held at Ross House on the 4th Floor, the Hayden Raysmith Room. Although the room was extremely plain, it was a good venue as it was reasonably expansive.  The hosts were expecting over 130 people to turn up. However, the turn out was more accurately numbered at 40, making the room seem very empty.

Although there were not many exchanges of good value during the discussions I had, I would recommend the networking event to networking beginners. The experience allowed participants to practice their elevator pitch and learn to sell themselves and their organisations.


Things of note:

  • Location: Hayden Raysmith Room, 4th Floor of Ross House
  • Highlight: Meeting many people
  • Cost: Free
  • Hot Tip: Practice your elevator speech beforehand



  • Venue: 2/5
  • Catering: 0/5
  • Speakers: 0/5
  • Networking Opportunity: 3/5


Total: 5 / 20

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