Born to make a difference

Built on the foundations of traditional strategic marketing consulting and raised in an environment of modern innovation, we aim to redefine marketing for small and medium business.

Business Growth Partners was born out of Syneka, a strategic marketing consultancy with a decade of experience impressing in all facets of marketing.

Marketers are increasingly relegated to social media management, website development or graphic design. But that’s not what a marketer does. Marketing is so much more. Marketing is about the creation and exchange of value so that a business can achieve its goals. That’s the definition of marketing!

Marketing Redefined

We are a team of marketing professionals that aim to redefine marketing for small and medium business. Led by two of the most strategic, experienced and passionate marketing experts in the country, we exist to create marketing solutions that transform small and medium businesses. We are more than a team – with everyone integral to our success, working harmoniously to provide our clients with realistic and achievable marketing plans that achieve business goals.

Our office is nestled off Clarendon Street, South Melbourne in a beautiful Victorian building just two doors down from the South Melbourne Town Hall, we have the structure, foundation and creativity to deliver work that matters.

Curious to see how the magic happens? Call Ruby and book an appointment with us – 1300 965 985