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Bridging the Cryptocurrency Knowledge Gap – Australian China Business Council: Event Review

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On Thursday,  April the 19th I attended an event hosted by the Australia China Business Council, entitled ‘Bridging the Cryptocurrency Knowledge Gap’ at the International Chamber House on Exhibition Street.

The event was lead by James Nguyen, Founder and Managing Partner of Anti Hero Capital. James was a fantastic host and delivered clarity to the audience around the basics of cryptocurrency. The panel included; Matthew Snowden, CEO of Anti Hero Capital, Christine Satchell, Head of Research and Innovation at Blue Chip Vision and Jenny Wang, Director of Berrigan Double Lawyers.

The panel’s speeches displayed a clear passion for cryptocurrency and the possible innovations in the near future that could create incredible changes in the process of business, both in Australia and the global market.

Aside from innovation, a primary discussion point focused on the ramifications of the reactive nature of law. As the law cannot keep up with technological innovations, the future may hold problematic affairs for criminal activities and ignorant users.

The event was great for personal interests and to enhance my knowledge on the complicated topic. However, it was unfortunately an unproductive event for networking opportunities, as it was structured as a seminar.

It was evident from the attitude among the audience that they were present only for the panel, as they were hesitant to network. Most attendees either worked with IT, or it was a strong hobby.

All in all, I would only attend this event again to increase my knowledge on the subject, however, I would not attend it for lead generation purposes.


Things of Note:

Location: International Chamber House

Highlight: Jenny Wang

Cost: $55

Hot Tip: Get there very early if you would like to network.



Venue: 3/5

Catering: 3/5

Speakers: 4/5

Networking Opportunity: 1/5


Total: 11/20

The Business of Marketing – Women in Business: Event Review

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On Thursday the 12th of April at 9:30am, I attended the ‘Business of Marketing – Women in Business’ event at the Melbourne Polytechnic Conference Centre.

The venue was spacious and comfortable with chairs set in rows for the presentation. The walls were lined with tables sporting white table clothes and platters of canapes and barrels of different coloured juices.

The morning began with a brief networking opportunity. The room was filled exclusively with women, who stood in clusters introducing themselves and politely asking questions about each other’s businesses. At 10am, everyone took their seat for the presentation.

All attendees were female and owned their own business. They were excited to learn about how to set up their own social media channels and work on their digital marketing activities.

I was fortunate enough to hear guest speaker, Emily Osmond, speak about starting her own business, Good Media, and content marketing.

Emily talked about believing in yourself and always giving value to clients before you ask for their business. This resonated with me professionally, as providing the highest value possible to clients is a value at Business Growth Partners. The entire crowd was engaged, and Q and A time was so popular it had to be cut short.

The last half an hour was set aside for another networking opportunity. I would attend the event again.


Things of Note:

Location: Melbourne Polytechnic Conference Centre

Highlight: Emily Osmond


Hot Tip: Bring a notepad and pen



Venue: 4/5

Catering: 4/5

Speakers” 4/5

Networking Opportunity: 3/5


Total: 15/20

Marketing Women Inc: Wake Up with WMI, April 2018: Event Review

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On Tuesday the 10th of April at 7:30am, I attended the Marketing Women Inc event, ‘Wake Up with MWI, April 2018’ at Carat in South Melbourne.

The event boasted three incredible panel speakers, Joanne Markham, Executive Director of Aftersales at GM Holden, Mandy Henderson, Managing Director at Threat Communications and Elise Bucholz, Client Services Director at Time Out.

Approximately 50 women stolled into the venue between 7:30am and 8am in groups of colleagues and had a casual chat over fruit and danishes before the event officially started just before 8am.

Over the next hour, the panel talked about their experiences in the marketing world as women and shared the secrets of how to get ahead in the world of marketing. It is fortunate that the marketing industry is female dominated, therefore giving rise to a strong understanding among industry professionals of each other.

For myself, Joanne Markham truly shone as the star panellist. The crowd really responded to her story and yearned to hear more. She talked about the importance of authenticity in leadership and told the audience that she once cried in front of her team.

Joanne also spoke about maternity leave. She advised all women to ensure they stay in regular touch with the organisation during leave, check in with leadership departments every 6-8 weeks and ensure they know what you expect for when you return.

Joanne also spoke about the importance of having sponsors, which she described as the people who will advocate for you when you are not in the room. The best way to accumulate sponsors is to be a kind and genuine person that works hard.

All in all, it was a great event to hear three successful marketing women’s experiences. It filled me with motivation for the workday ahead of me. I would attend the event again.


Things of note:

Location: Carat, South Melbourne

Highlight: Joanne Markham

Cost: $30

Hot Tip: Bring a notepad and pen to take notes.



Venue: 4/5

Catering: 3/5

Speakers: 5/5

Networking Opportunity: 2/5


Total: 14 / 20


Melbourne Business Networking: The PM Club “Autumnal Networking” Event Review

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On Thursday the 22nd of March, I attended the PM Club “Autumnal Networking” Event hosted by Melbourne Business Network. The event was held at the Courtyard in the RACV Club on Bourke Street.

The event started off with an opportunity to network. As you walked in you were given two drink tickets for the bar. This was shortly followed by platters of canapes that were brought around by waiters.

It was a great chance to be able to have a chat to the other attendees. The live music gave the event a relaxed feel. However, it was slightly too loud and made it difficult to have a meaningful conversation.

Following this, President of the MBN, Bev Friend, made a small speech about the importance of making valuable connections during networking events. She also talked about how important it is that we are happy at work. During her speech, Friend mentioned that she did not wish for attendees to swap business cards, rather, she wanted the crowd to have meaningful interactions. Unfortunately, this set an atmosphere that made it difficult to collect business cards.

As usual for a Melbourne Business Networking event, we played a few games that involved the coloured sticker on our name tag. As we paired up with people with the correct colour, we talked about ways to improve the happiness at our respective work places.

Primarily, the people that attended the event were employees of various Not-For-Profits, and a few people who worked in small businesses. Although these kind of games can make people uncomfortable, everyone enjoyed talking about ways to create happiness during work.

I would attend this event again, as it was a good venue, good catering and all the attendees were really nice. Bev Friend is a good host and always has something to say from the heart.

Things of note:

  • Location: RACV Club Courtyard
  • Highlight: The Food
  • Cost: $30
  • Hot Tip: Have some fun things about yourself ready to say!



  • Venue: 4/5
  • Catering: 4/5
  • Speakers: 3/5
  • Networking Opportunity: 3/5


Total: 14 / 20

Women In Business Luncheon with Susan Alberti Event Review

By Business

On Friday the 23rd of March, I was fortunate enough to attend a Women in business Luncheon with Susan Alberti, hosted by Business in Moonee Valley. Susan Alberti was an incredible speaker. She has a unique way of filling every eye with a tear and every heart with hope.

Susan shared her life story. She has been devastated with the passing of the closest people in her life. Her best friend in her childhood, her husband in her early adulthood, her daughter and her parents.

Where most people would not have been able to go on, Susan was always able to eventually find motivation. She is a known philanthropist, raising large funds for medical research, particularly for type 1 diabetes, as well as donating her own money. As a successful business woman in her own right, Susan strives to promote women in sport and business.

The event was held at the Australian Events Centre. Whilst it took over an hour to get there from South Melbourne, it was worth it. It was a beautiful centre, and the tables were arranged so all attendees had a perfect view of the stage.

To complement the great venue, the catering was delicious – a choice of fish, beef or vegetarian risotto for lunch, and citrus tart for dessert. However, it was stated around the table that canapes are often better suited to this kind of event.

I am always inspired to hear the challenges and triumphs of women in business. I feel extremely grateful for the women who have led the path for gender equality in the past, and am very motivated to take the torch and further improve conditions in the future.

The atmosphere at the event was fantastic! Women talked about the struggles they have experienced, and practical steps they have taken to better gender equality in the workplace. I left the event feeling inspired to make a difference.


Things of note:

  • Location: Australian Events Centre
  • Highlight: Susan Alberti
  • Cost: $90
  • Hot Tip: Get there on time to network!



  • Venue: 4/5
  • Catering: 3/5
  • Speakers: 5/5
  • Networking Opportunity: 3/5


Total: 15 / 20

Business Builders Group Event Review

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On Tuesday the 13th of March, I attended a Business Builders Group (BBG) networking event. The event was held at The Australian Institute of Company Directors in Collins Street. The event was hosted by Geoff Hirsh, founder and CEO of BBG.

The Business Builder Group is a referral marketing group that focuses on creating synergy and collaboration between small businesses. The Group is designed to help small and medium business owners and leaders to develop and grow their businesses.

The event began with a light lunch and time for networking. The lunch was really nice, mainly fresh sandwiches and a variety of fruit. However, the networking opportunity was limited due to the arrangement of the room. The tables were set up to only allow small groups to have conversations, rather than just standing room, which encourages people to mingle with many others.

After lunch, we were all invited into another room that was set up like a lecture room. Geoff was a great speaker and interacted with the audience constantly throughout his presentation, ensuring everyone in the room was engaged. However, the presentation was slightly disappointing as it was very clearly a sales pitch. It did not teach the audience anything, only the benefits of becoming a Business Builders Group member.

I would recommend the event to anyone who are considering becoming a Business Builders Group Member.


Things of note:

  • Location: The Australian Institute of Company Directors, Collins St
  • Highlight: Lunch was great
  • Cost: Free
  • Hot Tip: Be interactive!



  • Venue: 3/5
  • Catering: 4/5
  • Speakers: 3/5
  • Networking Opportunity: 3/5


Total: 13 / 20

ACBC: International Women’s Day Forum and High Tea Event Review

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This International Women’s Day I was fortunate enough to attend the Australia China Business Council’s Forum and High Tea at the Regent Theatre’s Grand Plaza Ballroom. The event presented three incredible female panellists; Holly Ransom, CEO of Emergent, Lydia Khalil, Research Fellow at Lowy Institute and Sarah Chibnall, Group Director of Communications at H&H Group.

The panellists shared their stories of their professional journeys to the top of the ladder. It was identified that a battle women face in business is having to choose to either be shrewd and succeed or nice and settle for a lesser position. However, there was strong sentiment that women must “have courage and be kind”; we do not need to diminish our caring nature to achieve success in our careers.

The venue was incredible, and completely packed. Ornate chandeliers dangled from the ceiling and sheer elegant curtains framed the expansive ballroom. Tables dressed in white lace sprawled around the space, each one boasted multi-levelled serving platters loaded with both savoury and sweet baked goods. The trickle of pouring wine could always been heard in the midst of excited whispers and comments of agreeance.

The event was a lesson for me. It taught me about the struggles and triumphs that women before me have grappled with and fought to achieve. The speakers inspired me, and the atmosphere was electric with passion and perseverance, as we all dedicated ourselves to press for progress. It instilled in me the desire to take on the fight from women before me, as each generation paves the way to social, economic and political equality for both genders.


Things of note:

  • Location: Regent Theatre Grand Plaza Ballroom
  • Highlight: Lydia Khalil
  • Cost: $120
  • Hot Tip: Get there on time, doors do not open until 2pm, but you will miss networking if you are late.



  • Venue: 5/5
  • Catering: 5/5
  • Speakers: 5/5
  • Networking Opportunity: 3/5


Total: 18 / 20

Meetup: Free Speed Networking Melbourne Event Review

By Business

On the 7th of March, I attended a free speed networking event organised through Meetup. It was guaranteed that everyone will meet at least 10 different people and that no time will be wasted as the evening would be structured.

At the event, I did meet 10 different people. However, a lot of time was wasted as the structure of the evening fell apart quickly, and I spend at least 20 minutes during the event without a partner as the hosts were not moving participants along. I did end up meeting 10 new people, however, most people were looking for a job and not in a position where a discussion would have created value for each of us.

The event was held at Ross House on the 4th Floor, the Hayden Raysmith Room. Although the room was extremely plain, it was a good venue as it was reasonably expansive.  The hosts were expecting over 130 people to turn up. However, the turn out was more accurately numbered at 40, making the room seem very empty.

Although there were not many exchanges of good value during the discussions I had, I would recommend the networking event to networking beginners. The experience allowed participants to practice their elevator pitch and learn to sell themselves and their organisations.


Things of note:

  • Location: Hayden Raysmith Room, 4th Floor of Ross House
  • Highlight: Meeting many people
  • Cost: Free
  • Hot Tip: Practice your elevator speech beforehand



  • Venue: 2/5
  • Catering: 0/5
  • Speakers: 0/5
  • Networking Opportunity: 3/5


Total: 5 / 20

The Entrepreneur Club: Early March New Year Networking Event Review

By Business

Myself and my colleague, Ruby, attended the Entrepreneur Club: Early March New Year Networking Event on Thursday the 1st of March. The event was a meet up for professional individuals who are on their journey to achieving their entrepreneurial goals. It was organised to allow new entrepreneurs to connect with people on the same journey and share their stories.

The event was located at Spice Market in Collins Street. The venue was not the most suitable location, the lighting was very dim, there were not enough seats and the small area that the event was contained in made it awkward for people not currently in conversations to join existing ones.

Most of the people who attended were currently in-between jobs and were looking for positions. The rest of the crowd either worked in or owned a small business. Most people that myself and Ruby spoke to had an entrepreneurial idea that they wanted to develop in the future.

The event and conversations we had with the attendees taught us that there are many people with great ideas for start-ups that just require consulting to turn their light bulb moments into real and practical steps.

I would not re-attend this event. Although it was interesting to meet a diverse range of people, I did not enjoy the location, there was no food provided and I do not believe there was a synergy between the individuals.


Things of note:

  • Location: Spice Market
  • Highlight: Meeting new people
  • Cost: Free
  • Hot Tip: Eat beforehand!



  • Venue: 1 / 5
  • Catering: 0 / 5
  • Speaker: 0 / 5
  • Networking Opportunity: 1 / 5

Total: 2 / 20


Guest Speakers Trudi Sambola (Car Sales) and Grant Arnott (Click Frenzy): DM Forum Event Review

By Business

On Tuesday the 27th of February, myself and our Marketing Assistant Intern, Maddie, attended the DM Forum hosted by Frank Chamberlin. The evening boasted two guest speakers; Trudi Sambola, Director of Transformation and Marketing Strategy and Grant Arnott, Founder of Click Frenzy. The attendees were primarily alumni from Monash University, who are now employees of medium-large enterprises in Melbourne.

Sambola chiefly spoke of the necessity to slow down and reflect as a marketer. She reported that it is imperative to understand the importance of setting aside time to work and think slowly during busy and demanding periods that come hand in hand with a marketing career. She stated  taking this time enables hard workers to achieve clarity, improve their creativity and most importantly, enjoy their work and life.

Arnott was the crowd favourite, and had the crowd laughing as he told the inside story to the darkest, and most famous time in his career – When Click Frenzy crashed seconds into its launch.

Arnott’s entertaining story carried an important message on the back of his light hearted words. He reminded the audience that it is important to never give up, even in a crisis. He said that no matter how mean the back lash tweets are, how mad your colleagues are, or how much you feel like a failure; going back to the drawing board with dedication to do better next time will see you through.

Frank Chamberlin’s ever generous hosting provided guests with a complimentary copy of Marketing Magazine and a Monash notepad. Furthermore, as always, the famous DM Forum sandwiches were something to write home about, I don’t believe there was a single person who didn’t have to excuse themselves due to a full mouth when they were asked a question.

In conclusion, the guest speakers were interesting and interactive as they engaged the audience with their own personal stories. Frank was a warm and welcoming host, and the light meal was delicious. The only downside was the lack of networking, as most people arrived right on 6pm and left immediately after the speakers’ presentations.


Things of Note:

  • Location: Monash Conference Centre
  • Cost: $32
  • Highlight: Grant Arnott (Click Frenzy)
  • Top Tip: Get there early to network



  • Networking opportunity: 1 / 5
  • Speakers: Trudi Sambola (Car Sales) and Grant Arnott (Click Frenzy): 4 / 5
  • Venue: 4 / 5
  • Food: 4 / 5


Total: 13 / 20