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Event Review: ACBC Medicinal Cannibis Opportunities for Australia and China

By Business

I attended the Australia China Business Council Medicinal Cannabis Opportunities for Australia and China event.

The event was held at the home of the ACBC located at International Chamber House. Business Growth Partners is a member of the ACBC through Syneka – our parent brand.

This event was one where I did not know what to expect as it is a very new industry in Australia. The speaker at the event was Charles Koves from the Australian Industrial Hemp Alliance. Charles spoke about the various uses of the plant and its versatility including the uses of hemp.

There are 650 Australians who take medical cannabis. It is a very small market, however the products from the plant have greater uses. For Australians it appeared that there were opportunities to sell medicinal cannabis raw materials to pharmaceutic suppliers. However, this opportunity came with a large amount of regulations. The China connection was not particularly clear at this event.

In the room, there were a mix of lawyers, investment organisations and business development managers. The session was highly interactive and intellectual, with most attendees staying after the event. We sat around a table and the conversation was more of a round table discussion rather than a seminar. Some attendees had a significant amount of experience and expertise with the topic and there was a large amount of collegiality.

I would attend events similar to this one again but more from an interest perspective as it was not necessarily geared around networking.

Things to Note:

Location: International Chamber House, 121 Exhibition Street, Melbourne

Highlight: The round table discussion – very robust and intellectual

Cost: Member rate

Hot Tip: Arrive early so that you have time for networking


Venue: 4/5

Catering: 4/5

Speakers: 3/5

Networking Opportunity: 2/5

Total: 13/20