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Canadian Australian Chamber of Commerce: Event Review

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I attended ‘Embracing Disruption as an Opportunity’ on the morning of Wednesday 25th of July. The event was run by the Canadian Australia Chamber of Commerce (CACC) in conjunction with C2. The purpose of the event was to promote C2 as well as creating an environment to network, engage and explore ideas that enhance your business.

The breakfast event was held at Cargo Hall on South Wharf Promenade and ran from 7.30am-10am. I arrived at 7.30am with the room already packed with Canadian Australian Chamber of Commerce members. Majority of the attendees were members of the Canadian Australia Chamber of Commerce. There was a long table filled with breakfast items including hot and cold pastries, fruit and muesli as well as tea, coffee and orange juice on offer.

Previously, I have attended another CACC event back in May and the selection of food was absolutely delicious. The Canadian Australian Chamber of Commerce do not fail to disappoint with their catering.

This was an opportunity to network with the attendees. There were a mix of small business owners such as accounting firms and leadership coaches to large corporate firms such as Telstra, Porsche and Melbourne Airport.


After 30 minutes of mingling with the attendees and eating breakfast. We were moved to a dark room seated in a circular format with the panel standing in the middle of the audience. There were four members on the panel. The panel included the Martin Enault, the CEO of C2, Michele Levine, the CEO of Roy Morgan, Mike McGrath, the Chief Marketing Officer at PwC and finally Laura Anderson, the Chairman of SVI Global.

The panel discussed some interesting insights into the world of business and being disruptive.


The CEO and host of the event, Martin Enault then gave us an insight into what the ‘C2 Experience’ was.  As there was up to 80 attendees, we were asked questions about the future of work and what elements of business would be most affected by digitisation. This gave the attendees an opportunity to discuss our opinions with each other.


The C2 experience wants to explore and transform the way people think about the role of creativity in a business.  C2 is hosting a Melbourne first event on October 17-19th.  The event is priced at $2495 for the 3 day event.


Overall the event was entertaining to attend.  It wasn’t really much of a networking event but more of an introduction to C2. It was an entertaining to gain some insight into C2. There was quite a hype around C2 and their way around networking events. It was great to learn a bit more about what C2 does and how they run these type of events.

I really enjoyed listening to the speakers as they were quite high level in their roles and found their discussions interesting. However I don’t think I will be paying $2495 for a 3 day networking event in October.


Things to Note:

  • Location: Showtime Events, Cargo Hall, 39 South Wharf Promenade, South Wharf, VIC, 3006
  • Highlight:  The panel discussion
  • Cost: $30
  • Hot Tip: Be ready for a different type of networking


  • Venue:  4/5
  • Catering: 5/5
  • Speaker: 5/5
  • Networking Opportunity: 2/5

Total: 16/20


Reach Foundation Breakfast Review: ‘The Millennials’

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The Reach Foundation hosted a breakfast on the 19th of November. The breakfast was located at Deloitte on Bourke Street.

The sit down breakfast was held from 7.30am to 9.00am. It was a small intimate breakfast which allowed all attendees to get to know everyone there and hear what we all had to say.

The attendees consisted of team members from Reach, including the CEO and Reach facilitators and various other small businesses.

The Reach Foundation supports young people to get the most out of life. Their mission is to encourage teenagers to believe they can achieve anything. Highlighting the issues and obstacles that a young person, aged 13-20 face daily.

The breakfast was run similar to a workshop in which the facilitator encouraged open and honest discussions.  One main focus of discussion was the next generation of leaders: the Millennials.
Millennials make up 30% of the workplace in Australia. We discussed millennials in the workplace, how to motivate millennials and how to understand their generational characteristics.

The facilitators and CEO also discussed the strategic plan over the next 4 years for the Reach Foundation. As well as the workshops and retreats the Reach Foundation host frequently.

The breakfast was a good selection of yoghurt and granola compotes, fruit, croissants, muffins as well as a choice of hot beverage.

Location: Deloitte, 550 Bourke Street, Melbourne

Cost: Free

Highlight: Learning and listening to the highly skilled facilitators talk

Hot tip: Arrive early so you have a chance to properly chat and network with the other attendees

Rating 3/5

City of Melbourne Breakfast Review: ‘Bringing People to The City of Melbourne’

By Business

Details of event

Breakfast event that was organised by the City of Melbourne that highlighted “the new luxury” being food and hospitality and the importance this has on bringing people into the City of Melbourne.

Robert Clifford from Future Food speaking at the event

Robert Clifford from Future Food speaking at the event

Breakfast at the City of Melbourne Business Breakfast

Breakfast at the City of Melbourne Business Breakfast

What we learned

Marketing and management of hospitality based businesses was covered as well as the latest small business digital insights on Google.

Networking: 2/5

Atmospherics: 3/5