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Bridging the Cryptocurrency Knowledge Gap – Australian China Business Council: Event Review

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On Thursday,  April the 19th I attended an event hosted by the Australia China Business Council, entitled ‘Bridging the Cryptocurrency Knowledge Gap’ at the International Chamber House on Exhibition Street.

The event was lead by James Nguyen, Founder and Managing Partner of Anti Hero Capital. James was a fantastic host and delivered clarity to the audience around the basics of cryptocurrency. The panel included; Matthew Snowden, CEO of Anti Hero Capital, Christine Satchell, Head of Research and Innovation at Blue Chip Vision and Jenny Wang, Director of Berrigan Double Lawyers.

The panel’s speeches displayed a clear passion for cryptocurrency and the possible innovations in the near future that could create incredible changes in the process of business, both in Australia and the global market.

Aside from innovation, a primary discussion point focused on the ramifications of the reactive nature of law. As the law cannot keep up with technological innovations, the future may hold problematic affairs for criminal activities and ignorant users.

The event was great for personal interests and to enhance my knowledge on the complicated topic. However, it was unfortunately an unproductive event for networking opportunities, as it was structured as a seminar.

It was evident from the attitude among the audience that they were present only for the panel, as they were hesitant to network. Most attendees either worked with IT, or it was a strong hobby.

All in all, I would only attend this event again to increase my knowledge on the subject, however, I would not attend it for lead generation purposes.


Things of Note:

Location: International Chamber House

Highlight: Jenny Wang

Cost: $55

Hot Tip: Get there very early if you would like to network.



Venue: 3/5

Catering: 3/5

Speakers: 4/5

Networking Opportunity: 1/5


Total: 11/20

Startup Grind Melbourne: Startup Grind hosts Rick Klink (OpenMarkets / Paritech) Event Review

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On Thursday February 21st, I attended Startup Grind Melbourne event where it invited Rick Klink from OpenMarkets/Paritech to speak about his transition from corporate life to one of an entrepreneur and the ever-changing cryptocurrency landscape.

Rick spoke at length about working at IBM during the personal computing boom of the 1980s and early 1990s and how the Australian industry was small enough that recruiters would approach students directly on campus. He spoke about how IBM invested significant training resources in its staff and provided him with the vigour to embrace change. This philosophy carried him to his pioneering work in surfacing end-of-day trade date through Paritech and CommSec and continues in his latest venture, an online stockbroking platform named OpenMarkets.

Given OpenMarkets’s work within the cryptocurrency arena, the event attracted attendees from those who are curious about the concept of blockchain to entrepreneurs on the cusp of their own initial coin offerings. It was very interesting to see how Rick, who could very easily be mistaken for a tradition stockbroker at first glance, openly embraced cryptocurrency through OpenMarkets and viewed it as a legitimate way of trading going forward.

As with last time, the event was held at MYOB’s Cremorne office, so seating was quite lacklustre and the food was decent.

Despite the venue’s shortcomings, I would still attend future StartUp Grind events because they represent a great opportunity to meet entrepreneurs and learn about the origins of some of Australia’s most successful leaders.


Things of note:

  • Location: MYOB, 167 – 169 Cremorne St, Cremorne.
  • Highlight:Rick’s anecdotes about computers that were the size of rooms
  • Cost:From $30
  • Hot tip:Find a good seat with a cushion


  • Venue: 2/5
  • Catering: 2/5
  • Speaker: 4/5
  • Networking opportunity: 4/5

Total: 12/20