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Digital Leadership Institute Dinner Review: ‘The Impact of Digital Technology’

By Business

The Digital Leadership Institute has been created to bring together digital leaders and highlight the impact of digital disruption and digital technology. The dinner I attended was the official launch of the organisation. It was held at the Angliss Restaurant a teaching restaurant linked to Willam Angliss Institute.

The dinner brought together digital professionals from a range of industries including education, telecommunications, the utilities sector and marketing. As a marketer we often recommend digital tactics to our clients such as the implementation of a CRM system or the creation of a website. One of the main discussion points at the event was the need for digital professionals to take accountability and be strategic with their approach. Being strategic through the creation of a marketing plan is something that we recommend before putting in place a range of marketing tactics. This reduced the chance of marketing becoming hit and miss.

There was an extensive amount of food at the event from seafood (including oysters and crabs!) to cheese platters- with three course on offer through a buffet style setting. There were also speeches from the organisers and Victor Perton, who was the keynote speaker at the event.


Attendees at the event were mainly consultants and individuals in senior roles in corporate organisations. It was a different mix to the usual attendees digital events which consist primarily of start up business owners.

There was also the option of the event to become a member of the institute, memberships for professionals are $500. We wish the Digital Leadership Institute the best with their future endeavors.

Location: 550 Little Lonsdale St, Melbourne VIC 3000

Cost: $60

Highlight: Speeches were insightful Рvery different to the normal digital disruption event

Hot tip: If you do get involved with this group, relationships will take time to build Рthey are friendly though!

Rating 4/5