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Australian British Chamber of Commerce Economic Outlook 2018 & Beyond

By Business

I attended the Australian British Chamber of Commerce Economic Outlook 2018 & beyond event.

The event was held at Zinc in Federation Square. We are a member of the Chamber through our parent brand Syneka. The event was set out over lunch with the main meal and dessert provided.

When I got to the event it was raining heavily. The entrance to Zinc was blocked off by some construction work so I had to wade my way though mud and water to get there. Attendees at this event were mainly corporate organisations. There were many tables where people form the same organisation sat together.

I was put onto a table where the majority of attendees were from the University of Melbourne. Often with sit down events this can happen. If you are ever at an event such as this I would recommend that you contact the event organiser and arrange to be put on a table with a mix of businesses – otherwise it can be quite a lonely experience.

The speakers at the event included Richard Yetsenga from ANZ, Grant King from BCA, Louise Lovering from KPMG and Patrick Durkin from the Australian Financial Review. They spoke about the impact of the 2018 budget. There were a diverse range of opinions about the topic from the speakers and the discussion was highly intellectual. Having come from an accounting background I was able to keep up with the conversation, however, I do think that it would have been difficult for someone with another focus.

After the panel spoke there was a business card draw which I was fortunate enough to win!

Things to Note:

Location: International Chamber House, 121 Exhibition Street, Melbourne

Highlight: The round table discussion – very robust and intellectual

Cost: Member rate

Hot Tip: Arrive early so that you have time for networking


Venue: 4/5

Catering: 4/5

Speakers: 3/5

Networking Opportunity: 1/5

Total: 12/20