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Fresh Chapter Networking Event Review: ‘Digital Disruption & The Future of Businesses’

By Business

I attended the Fresh Chapter in the Melbourne CBD. Fresh is a networking group that brings together business owners. Members of the CBD Chapter catch up fortnightly at the Melbourne Mint. Given its location, this group had a large amount of lawyers and financial brokers. In many ways Fresh is similar in composition to that of a BNI group as the meeting is structured, and its focus on providing members with referrals. As a guest it can be difficult to gain value from groups such as this as cliques have already been established, and this group was no different.

Given that the event was free, we had to purchase something from the venue. I bought a lemon, lime bitters that I later found out cost $12! So I would suggest that if you purchase something at this venue to avoid buying that.

The event consisted of time for members and guests to introduce themselves. I found that there were a large number of guests in the space. We also had to speak about a bone that we had broken. Interestingly, on of the lawyers told me that I could have a case with Telstra in regard to spraining my ankle at the end of last year – I guess that’s something I should have looked into in hindsight after spending about 6 months unable to properly walk or exercise.

There was also a discussion from one of the members about starting a business.

The speaker of the day spoke about digital disruption and the future of businesses and how they will be more reliant on digital technologies. I am not that sure how much knowledge he had on this topic as he was more of a business development manager rather than a IT professional. Regardless, the group was receptive to the presentation.

In conclusion, if you are new to business, and new to networking, this is probably a good group to attend to build you confidence.

Location: Melbourne Mint, 280 William St, Melbourne VIC 3000

Cost: Free

Highlight: Location was beautiful

Hot tip: Avoid the lemon, lime bitters – it’s not worth the price

Rating 2/5