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ACBC China Business Essentials – Know Your Customer

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I attended the Australia China Business Council Know Your Customer event. The event was held in conjunction with the Victorian Business Confucius Institute and was a lunchtime session that was aimed at members of these organsiations. We are a member of the Australia China Business Council through Syneka our parent brand.

The event focused on how Australian brands establish a presence in China. Associate Professor Claire Wang who is the Victorian Confucius Institute and Bill Lang from the Human Performance Group of Companies presented at the event.

Claire discussed the Chinese context. She spoke about how the Chinese considered shopping, including online shopping as a social activity. Her presentation was similar to that which I have seen in my postgraduate marketing studies, so it was very informative. It may however have gone over the heads of some of the participants in the room who were not that well versed in marketing. Of note was the fact that there are opportunities for Australian apparel brands to enter the Chinese market.

Bill spoke about the Australian context and the future. His content was similar to what would be covered in an international marketing lecture, and like Claire’s was very academic.

Networking opportunities at this event were limited. There was a light lunch that was served and networking naturally occurred around the food. Most attendees were members of the organisation – so we knew most of them well.

Things to Note:

  • Location: Victoria University, 300 Flinders Street, Melbourne VIC 3000
  • Highlight:  Content covered was very informative
  • Cost: $65 for members
  • Hot Tip: This event is a seminar that is best suited for attendees with existing marketing knowledge


  • Venue:  5/5
  • Catering: 4/5
  • Speaker: 4/5
  • Networking Opportunity: 1/5

Total: 14/20


Vanity or Value – the truth about social media marketing

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A long time ago a man was led to a pool. It was a bright sunny day and there was not a cloud in the sky. He was hopeful and optimistic. He peered into the water which was as reflective that day as an endless mirror.

He saw himself. In those days seeing your refection was not something that was common. At first, he did not realise it was even him, so overcome with emotion, he could not believe what he was seeing. The day went on, clouds crossed the sky as the day turned into night. However this man could not look away, he saw beauty, talent and charisma – it was him. The more he looked, the more he liked what he saw. Soon, days passed and the man became increasingly unhappy, nothing could compare to what he saw in the pool and slowly looking at his reflection became an obsession.

Unfortunately for this man time moved on, seasons changed, new alliances were formed and trends came and went. However, he continued to be obsessed with the reflection he saw in this pool and wanted more. He wanted it brought to life, to accompany him everywhere – the perfect companion. Eventually, he could not take it anymore, his obsession turned deadly as he became so dissatisfied with life because nothing else could compare. His name was Narcissus.

While this story is dramatic and contains a character that no one these days wants to be (or pretends not to be), in truth there is an increasing number of vanity based marketing tactics that are now becoming mainstream. The main culprit is social media, where everyone has the opportunity, at a perceived low cost, or even at no cost, to promote themselves and what they do.

Before the days of social media the opportunity to be seen by the masses was rare since it either cost a lot of money or required doing something newsworthy – either good or bad. Social media has broken this down, putting control in the hands of business owners and individuals. Now with social media, you can share your accomplishments with the masses with one single post or advertisement.

However, I have to ask you, dear readers – the question remains, do your customers care? And more importantly – will this spur them to engage with your business.

Over the years as a marketer, I have seen accountants, lawyers, cafe owner, human resource consultants and coaches advertise and promote themselves on social media.

I have come to the conclusion that for most businesses, social media is what we at Business Growth Partners refers to as vanity tactics. Vanity tactics are marketing activities that generate no value but have a great way of bolstering a business owner’s ego. Social media for most businesses, and in particular, service-based businesses is so good at doing this by padding egos but failing to bring customers.


Being seeing is great. In marketing we call that brand awareness, but if people become aware of you don’t see the value in what you provide, what is the point?

The fundamentals of marketing have not changed since the 1960s. Marketing begins with identifying what value you deliver to your customers. A vanity tactic, while potentially raising awareness of your brand, may not be targeted at your customers. Facebook, for instance, is a platform where it can be easy to be seen with the right advertisement. But do people really go on there looking for business advice? Or are they more focused on checking out what their family and friends are up to and looking at pictures of cute puppies and kittens? LinkedIn conversely is not the place where you post family photos and inside jokes, however, I see this countless times from mature, non-millennials who treat the platform in a similar manner to Facebook.

It all goes back to your customers and what would make them undertake a purchase. It’s time to get real and not get caught up in the vanity but instead use marketing to demonstrate your value to your target customers.


The Business of Marketing – Women in Business: Event Review

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On Thursday the 12th of April at 9:30am, I attended the ‘Business of Marketing – Women in Business’ event at the Melbourne Polytechnic Conference Centre.

The venue was spacious and comfortable with chairs set in rows for the presentation. The walls were lined with tables sporting white table clothes and platters of canapes and barrels of different coloured juices.

The morning began with a brief networking opportunity. The room was filled exclusively with women, who stood in clusters introducing themselves and politely asking questions about each other’s businesses. At 10am, everyone took their seat for the presentation.

All attendees were female and owned their own business. They were excited to learn about how to set up their own social media channels and work on their digital marketing activities.

I was fortunate enough to hear guest speaker, Emily Osmond, speak about starting her own business, Good Media, and content marketing.

Emily talked about believing in yourself and always giving value to clients before you ask for their business. This resonated with me professionally, as providing the highest value possible to clients is a value at Business Growth Partners. The entire crowd was engaged, and Q and A time was so popular it had to be cut short.

The last half an hour was set aside for another networking opportunity. I would attend the event again.


Things of Note:

Location: Melbourne Polytechnic Conference Centre

Highlight: Emily Osmond


Hot Tip: Bring a notepad and pen



Venue: 4/5

Catering: 4/5

Speakers” 4/5

Networking Opportunity: 3/5


Total: 15/20

Marketing Women Inc: Wake Up with WMI, April 2018: Event Review

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On Tuesday the 10th of April at 7:30am, I attended the Marketing Women Inc event, ‘Wake Up with MWI, April 2018’ at Carat in South Melbourne.

The event boasted three incredible panel speakers, Joanne Markham, Executive Director of Aftersales at GM Holden, Mandy Henderson, Managing Director at Threat Communications and Elise Bucholz, Client Services Director at Time Out.

Approximately 50 women stolled into the venue between 7:30am and 8am in groups of colleagues and had a casual chat over fruit and danishes before the event officially started just before 8am.

Over the next hour, the panel talked about their experiences in the marketing world as women and shared the secrets of how to get ahead in the world of marketing. It is fortunate that the marketing industry is female dominated, therefore giving rise to a strong understanding among industry professionals of each other.

For myself, Joanne Markham truly shone as the star panellist. The crowd really responded to her story and yearned to hear more. She talked about the importance of authenticity in leadership and told the audience that she once cried in front of her team.

Joanne also spoke about maternity leave. She advised all women to ensure they stay in regular touch with the organisation during leave, check in with leadership departments every 6-8 weeks and ensure they know what you expect for when you return.

Joanne also spoke about the importance of having sponsors, which she described as the people who will advocate for you when you are not in the room. The best way to accumulate sponsors is to be a kind and genuine person that works hard.

All in all, it was a great event to hear three successful marketing women’s experiences. It filled me with motivation for the workday ahead of me. I would attend the event again.


Things of note:

Location: Carat, South Melbourne

Highlight: Joanne Markham

Cost: $30

Hot Tip: Bring a notepad and pen to take notes.



Venue: 4/5

Catering: 3/5

Speakers: 5/5

Networking Opportunity: 2/5


Total: 14 / 20


Guest Speakers Trudi Sambola (Car Sales) and Grant Arnott (Click Frenzy): DM Forum Event Review

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On Tuesday the 27th of February, myself and our Marketing Assistant Intern, Maddie, attended the DM Forum hosted by Frank Chamberlin. The evening boasted two guest speakers; Trudi Sambola, Director of Transformation and Marketing Strategy and Grant Arnott, Founder of Click Frenzy. The attendees were primarily alumni from Monash University, who are now employees of medium-large enterprises in Melbourne.

Sambola chiefly spoke of the necessity to slow down and reflect as a marketer. She reported that it is imperative to understand the importance of setting aside time to work and think slowly during busy and demanding periods that come hand in hand with a marketing career. She stated  taking this time enables hard workers to achieve clarity, improve their creativity and most importantly, enjoy their work and life.

Arnott was the crowd favourite, and had the crowd laughing as he told the inside story to the darkest, and most famous time in his career – When Click Frenzy crashed seconds into its launch.

Arnott’s entertaining story carried an important message on the back of his light hearted words. He reminded the audience that it is important to never give up, even in a crisis. He said that no matter how mean the back lash tweets are, how mad your colleagues are, or how much you feel like a failure; going back to the drawing board with dedication to do better next time will see you through.

Frank Chamberlin’s ever generous hosting provided guests with a complimentary copy of Marketing Magazine and a Monash notepad. Furthermore, as always, the famous DM Forum sandwiches were something to write home about, I don’t believe there was a single person who didn’t have to excuse themselves due to a full mouth when they were asked a question.

In conclusion, the guest speakers were interesting and interactive as they engaged the audience with their own personal stories. Frank was a warm and welcoming host, and the light meal was delicious. The only downside was the lack of networking, as most people arrived right on 6pm and left immediately after the speakers’ presentations.


Things of Note:

  • Location: Monash Conference Centre
  • Cost: $32
  • Highlight: Grant Arnott (Click Frenzy)
  • Top Tip: Get there early to network



  • Networking opportunity: 1 / 5
  • Speakers: Trudi Sambola (Car Sales) and Grant Arnott (Click Frenzy): 4 / 5
  • Venue: 4 / 5
  • Food: 4 / 5


Total: 13 / 20

Welcome Back to the New Year Celebrations

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Business Growth Partners hosted a Welcome Back to 2018 celebrations on Friday 16th of February.

The event kicked off at 4pm and finishing up at 7.30pm at our office in South Melbourne.

Similar to our successful Christmas/End of the Year event that we hosted in late December. Business Growth Partners decided to host these celebrations to start the working year off with some fun and networking.

As tradition, the prize was a voucher to the Kelvin Club, a heritage 150 year old private club located on Melbourne Place.

Kjetil Pederson from Exova was the winner of this prize!

We had a wide selection of food and refreshments available throughout the night.

All food was locally sourced from the iconic South Melbourne Market, located on Coventry and Cecil Street.

Over 50 attendees joined us to celebrate the beginning of 2018. The selection of businesses who attended including University professors, management consultants, architects, barristers, IT and web designers as well as engineering, law and accounting professionals.

We will be hosting various events throughout the year of 2018.

Business Growth Partners looks forward to an exciting and busy year ahead!

Yarra City Council Lunchbox Learning Event Review: ‘Make Sales Leads Find you’

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I attended the Yarra City Council Lunchbox Learning session on Thursday 30th of November. The topic of discussion was on how to make sales leads find you.

The Lunchbox Learning sessions are hosted by the Yarra City Council. They have been running for the past 4 years and are held at the last Thursday of each month.

The intent of these sessions are for local businesses to get together to share their knowledge, listen and learn to the speaker and to have the opportunity to network.

As it was a lunchtime event running from 12pm-1pm, attendees could bring their lunch to eat or there was tea, coffee, cold water and biscuits provided for all.
It was quite humid and the temperature was hot during the day so being greeted to a cold glass of water was a great start to the session!

I attended this event through my contact Umesh Ratanje from Brompton & Co.

The speaker was Nerissa Atkinson who is the Creative Director and co-Founder of The Revery, a Marketing Agency based in Richmond.

The topic was how to make sales leads find you, Nerissa focused on two aspects which were making sure your band appeals and knowing where your target audience is looking.

Nerissa discussed the importance of content marketing. Content helps convert your website visitors into customers.
For content marketing to be effective, it must be creative and insightful. This enables your business to build relationships and add value to your brand.

As lunch can be a busy time, the event went for 1 hour and a lot of attendees left exactly at 1pm to get back to work on time. Arriving about 15-20 minutes earlier than the event provides you with a good opportunity to network with the attendees before listening to the speaker. There were 7 attendees are the lunchtime event which provided for a small and intimate group.

The cost of the event is free. All Lunchbox Learning sessions are free and are worthwhile attending. It was an informal event, allowing the attendees to sit down, relax and listen to the speaker throughout a lunchtime learning session before heading back to a busy afternoon at work.

Location: Richmond Town Hall, 333 Bridge Road, Richmond, 3121

Highlight: The speaker Nerissa, provided us with some good insights and tips on content marketing.

Cost: All sessions are free and it was a worthwhile event

Hot tip: The group of attendees were friendly and the biscuits were delicious

Rating: 3/5

Women’s Leadership Breakfast Review: ‘Owning Your Power In and Through Overwhelm’

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The event I attended was to celebrate women in business. I attended the Women’s Leadership Breakfast which ran from 9am-10.30am. The event was held in a boardroom at One Roof on City Road. One Roof is a co-working business space for women and provided a relaxing and bright open space for our breakfast.

The event was hosted by Kelly Tsagournos who is a development and transformational coach.  Her main focus is to empower and inspire women to thrive in their personal and professional lives.
Throughout these forums which Kelly hosts regularly. Kelly’s aim is to create a space for women who want to develop, grow and feel supported as well as making connections with like-minded women around them.

The topic of this breakfast event was owning your power in and through overwhelm. This session was to support women as we tackle the challenges, demands and opportunities that we face throughout our life. We started from the basics and discussed what the triggers and causes are of feeling overwhelmed, how we move through and manage this feeling as well as actions to be taken to reduce and prevent being overwhelmed.  Acknowledging and accepting that we as individuals often will feel overwhelmed throughout difference stages of our life is important.

The catering for the breakfast event was great. As the event started at 9am, I already had breakfast beforehand and was not expecting much food to be on offer. However when I arrived, there was a substantial selection of food! The selection included fruits, muffins and ham, cheese and tomato toasties which all were eaten up. Beverages such as hot chocolate, coffee and tea were also available.

There was not much of an opportunity to network throughout or after the event. The event was more of a informal group discussion where everyone had the chance to speak. It was a small, intimate group of women which provided a encouraging space to talk. Majority of the women at the breakfast had been to Kelly’s previous events before and were quite good friends with Kelly.

Location: One Roof, 77-79 City Road, Southbank, 3006

Highlight: The event was catered well for a breakfast and the topic of discussion was interesting

Hot tip: The group of women are really friendly

Rating: 3/5

Selection of breakfast at the Women's Leadership Breakfast

Selection of breakfast at the Women’s Leadership Breakfast

Marketing Womens Inc Breakfast Review: ‘Changes in Marketing’

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This breakfast event was to celebrate women in marketing and ran from 7.30am to 9am.
The event was organised by the Marketing Womens Inc where it was held at Y&R Melbourne on Collins Street. The layout of the building provided a friendly and welcoming setting for the networking event whilst we listened to the guest speakers.

The guest panel were Margie Reid (Managing Director of OMD) and Teresa Basile (Former General Manager of Marketing, Communications and Digital at GM Holden).
The two industry leaders discussed the impact of the changes that are taking place within marketing today in businesses as well as discussing some insights into their businesses.

As it was a morning event, most attendees left straight away to get to work on time which provided with limited opportunity to network after the event finished. There was the opportunity to network with the guests who were seated on your table.

The catering for the breakfast was a selection of pastries, toast and bagels as well as fruit. Beverages such as coffee, tea and fruit juices were also available.

The Melbourne Womens Inc (MWI) have regular networking events, as well as a mentoring program which focuses on empowering women and connecting women through marketing. You can sign up to become a mentor or a mentee here.

Location: Y&R Melbourne, Level 3, 162 Collins Street Melbourne, 3000

Highlight: The event was catered well for a breakfast and the guest speakers were interesting

Hot tip: Get in early before the breakfast selection run out and the MWI are starting an October Book Club event

Rating: 3/5

Breakfast at the MWI event

Breakfast at the MWI event

Breakfast at the MWI event


Guest speakers at MWI

Guest speakers at MWI