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Fresh Speed Networking Breakfast: Event Review

By Business

Lachlan and I attended the Fresh Business Speed Networking event on the morning of Friday the 13th of July.

Fresh is a networking community aimed at business owners expand their networks through relationship building in a empowering environment. There are 15 Fresh Hub’s around Melbourne and they host events every two weeks for members and their guests to attend. This event brought together all the Melbourne Hubs.

Lachlan and I arrived at the Metropolitan Hotel where the function room upstairs was set out for our Speed Networking event. Before the actual speed networking began, there was an opportunity to network with the attendees while making a coffee or breakfast.

We were quite impressed with the delicious food on offer at the Metropolitan Hotel. There was a various selection of breakfast items such as eggs, bacon and tomato. As well as a variety of fruit and cereal.  The catering was a real highlight for such an early morning start!

There was a guest speaker, Shaun Resnik from VitalMe. He presented and discussed the importance of active listening. This discussion was quite fitting as we were about to begin our speed networking. The room was busy and loud so actively listening to the business contact in front of you is very important!

Similar to other speed networking events in the past. There were two long tables where you are seated across from a business contact. There are 2 minutes allocated to chat and introduce yourself and your business to the contact in front of you before moving onto the next business owner.

One side of the table was Fresh Networking members and the other side was guests. As there was two of us, Lachlan and I split up so we didn’t chat to the same contacts. The Fresh Networking members all recommended that we joined each of their Hubs.

The type of businesses who attended were a mix. There were mortgage brokers, accountants, law firms, management consultants as well as business coaches, stylist as well as a behavioral specialist.

Overall, Fresh Business Speed Networking event was quite enjoyable to attend. The networking  environment is fast pace and fun. All members are welcoming of new attendees and are keen to continue chatting after your two minutes is over.

Things to Note:

  • Location: Metropolitan Hotel, 263 William Street, Melbourne, 3000
  • Highlight:  Meeting a selection of new businesses
  • Cost: $30
  • Hot Tip: Bring a lot of business cards


  • Venue:  4/5
  • Catering: 5/5
  • Speaker: 3/5
  • Networking Opportunity: 4/5

Total: 16/20

PM Club Melbourne Business Network June Event Review

By Business

I attended the PM Club networking event at the Cluster.

The PM Club is part of the Melbourne Business Network. A not-for-profit organsiation that exists to facilitate networking and connections for Melbourne based businesses.

The Melbourne Business Network is often a staple for small business owners who are just starting out in business and hosts events both in the morning through its AM Club and the evening.

The event that I attended was smaller than most of the other PM Club’s that I have been to in the past. Usually there are about 40 attendees at these types of event however this event seemed to have about half the number. I think the low attendance numbers may have had something to do with the weather as it was a freezing Melbourne day.

As with other PM Club’s there was the opportunity to easily network with other people in the room as they played games where you met people with a different colour dot to the one on your name card.

I knew quite a few people in the room having seen them at other networking events. The think that I like about the PM Club is how friendly the atmosphere is and the genuineness of the event organisers, most of whom are volunteers.

However, I find following leads up from this event very difficult as many seem to forget meeting at the event. So if you do go make sure that you follow up within a week otherwise it can be difficult to engage.

At the event they also presented awards to the winners of the 3000+ awards who were unable to make to the award ceremony.

Things to Note:

  • Location: The Cluster, 17/31 Queen St, Melbourne VIC 3000
  • Highlight:  The opportunity to network with almost everyone in the room
  • Cost: $40
  • Hot Tip: Make sure you follow up contacts within a week of meeting them


  • Venue:  4/5
  • Catering: 5/5
  • Speaker: NA
  • Networking Opportunity: 4/5

Total: 14/15



VCCI Speed Networking: Event Review

By Business

Lachlan and I attended the Victorian Chamber of Commerce and Industry ‘Fast Forward Speed Networking’ event.

The event was held on Wednesday 13th of June from 5.30pm-8pm. Located at the RACV City Club on Bourke Street, it was a perfect venue for a large networking event.

The Victorian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, otherwise known as VCCI host regular networking events throughout the year for like-minded individuals to meet and form connections.

Business Growth Partners are members of the organistion. We often attend their events as we find its a great way to meet people and form meaningful business relationships.

The idea of speed networking is that you have two minutes to chat to the business contact in front of you. Before moving onto the next business contact.

This quick 120 second conversation allows you to introduce yourself, your business and discuss who you are and what your business does.

After the formal speed networking ends, there is an opportunity for all attendees to continue to network over drinks and canapes. The RACV Club served up a delicious section of food and beverages.

The type of businesses that attend the Speed Networking event was a mix. There were business owners from different industries ranging from small businesses to large corporate firms such as the big Banks and education providers. There was quite a lot of business development managers at this event.

Overall, I’ve attended a few speed networking events over the past few months and I find them quite enjoyable.  It’s loud, fast paced and quite an interesting way to meet a large selection of businesses. It’s also a great way to perfect your elevator pitch.

Things to Note:

  • Location: RACV City Club, Level 2, Club Pavilion, 501 Bourke Street, Melbourne, 3000
  • Highlight:  Meeting a selection of new businesses
  • Cost: Complimentary ticket with new membership
  • Hot Tip: Bring a lot of business cards


  • Venue:  5/5
  • Catering: 5/5
  • Speaker: 2/5
  • Networking Opportunity: 4/5

Total: 16/20



Rock your Revenue: Event Review

By Business

Maddie and I attended Rock Your Revenue on Thursday 7th of June.

Rock Your Revenue was a networking event, primarily about sales and the tips to improve your sales game for businesses.

The event was held at YBF Ventures on Bourke Street, a large co-working space designed for tech start-ups, investors and small businesses.

The event begun with an hour of networking and meeting like-minded individuals. Followed by a panel discussion on sales and tactics.

The three panelist were Sally McKenna, the Sales Director at HROnboard, Trent McLaren, Head of Accounting and Sales at Practice Ignition and Dean Paquola, the Sales Manager at Ento. I found Sally an interesting speaker as she spoke with more experience and had value to what she was suggesting in regards to sales tips.

The key speakers made an interesting points about being on top of your sales game. All three panelist agreed about being persistent and consistent when contacting your prospects. Touching base regularly is the key for a better conversion rate.

The type of attendees were a range of IT start ups and small business owners. Maddie and I met a range of small business owners. Most of the attendees actually had a personal relation to the key speakers and came to support their sons speak!

There was wide selection of Crust Pizza’s as well as drinks on offer which was a perfect way to end a Thursday night after work.

The event was a interesting one to attend, the catering was very good and I left feeling that I have learnt some new sales techniques. However I don’t think I will attend another event by Rock Your Revenue in the future.

Things to Note:
Location: The Ballroom, YBF Ventures, 520 Bourke Street, Melbourne, 3000
Highlight: The food
Cost: $16.91
Hot Tip: Bring a notebook and pen to take notes

Venue: 4/5
Catering: 5/5
Speakers: 2/5
Networking Opportunity: 1/5
Total: 12/20


The Simbisa Session Review: ‘How Businesses can Avoid Issues’

By Business

The event was to recognise the issues faced by businesses today and how to avoid these issues within your own business.

This event was held at the Cluster on Queen Street from 6pm to 9pm. The event featured light refreshments before sitting down to listen to the Co-Founders of Simbisa Law, Rugare Gomo and Luke Galea.

The Co-Founders and hosts of the event Rugare Gomo, a solicitor and Luke Galea, a business coach presented discussions and ideas to the audience in an engaging and unique way.
The main discussions were about the many issues faced by businesses today and the solutions to avoid these issues. These discussions included how to avoid a bad partnership and the steps taken to work effectively with your co-founders and your shareholders in your business.
Rugare provided the audience with examples of business issues from their past client which Simbisa Law had deal with and the outcomes of these business issues.

The informative workshop followed by an open Q&A session from the audience to ask questions.

The attendees of the event were a mix of business coaches, lawyers, accountants and business owners. There was a small opportunity to network before and after the event.

Location: The Cluster, 17/31 Queen Street, Melbourne, VIC 3004

Cost: Free

Highlight: The discussion was engaging and the food was good.

Hot tip: Get in early as there is food at the event. There was limited time to network before and after the event

Rating: 1/5

Rugare Gomo and Luke Galea presenting at the Simbisa Session

Rugare Gomo and Luke Galea presenting at the Simbisa Session