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Guest Speakers Trudi Sambola (Car Sales) and Grant Arnott (Click Frenzy): DM Forum Event Review

By Business

On Tuesday the 27th of February, myself and our Marketing Assistant Intern, Maddie, attended the DM Forum hosted by Frank Chamberlin. The evening boasted two guest speakers; Trudi Sambola, Director of Transformation and Marketing Strategy and Grant Arnott, Founder of Click Frenzy. The attendees were primarily alumni from Monash University, who are now employees of medium-large enterprises in Melbourne.

Sambola chiefly spoke of the necessity to slow down and reflect as a marketer. She reported that it is imperative to understand the importance of setting aside time to work and think slowly during busy and demanding periods that come hand in hand with a marketing career. She stated  taking this time enables hard workers to achieve clarity, improve their creativity and most importantly, enjoy their work and life.

Arnott was the crowd favourite, and had the crowd laughing as he told the inside story to the darkest, and most famous time in his career – When Click Frenzy crashed seconds into its launch.

Arnott’s entertaining story carried an important message on the back of his light hearted words. He reminded the audience that it is important to never give up, even in a crisis. He said that no matter how mean the back lash tweets are, how mad your colleagues are, or how much you feel like a failure; going back to the drawing board with dedication to do better next time will see you through.

Frank Chamberlin’s ever generous hosting provided guests with a complimentary copy of Marketing Magazine and a Monash notepad. Furthermore, as always, the famous DM Forum sandwiches were something to write home about, I don’t believe there was a single person who didn’t have to excuse themselves due to a full mouth when they were asked a question.

In conclusion, the guest speakers were interesting and interactive as they engaged the audience with their own personal stories. Frank was a warm and welcoming host, and the light meal was delicious. The only downside was the lack of networking, as most people arrived right on 6pm and left immediately after the speakers’ presentations.


Things of Note:

  • Location: Monash Conference Centre
  • Cost: $32
  • Highlight: Grant Arnott (Click Frenzy)
  • Top Tip: Get there early to network



  • Networking opportunity: 1 / 5
  • Speakers: Trudi Sambola (Car Sales) and Grant Arnott (Click Frenzy): 4 / 5
  • Venue: 4 / 5
  • Food: 4 / 5


Total: 13 / 20