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VTIC 2018 Mixer Series Event: June Tourism Networking Event Review

By Business

On June 6th, the Syneka Marketing team attended an event hosted by the VTIC. The event was held at the Sea Life Melbourne Aquarium at Flinders Street.

The VTIC Mixer series is held monthly throughout the year, from February to December 2018, to provide business development and networking opportunities to all members.

We were warmly welcomed with champagne and nibbles upon arrival, and all attendees gathered in a large room surrounded by sea life visible through glass wall barriers. VTIC representative, Robert Ratcliffe welcomed all attendees to the event and introduced a Sea Life representative to give us information about the night, and encourage everyone to meet and enjoy the venue.

We attended the event as a team, and it was a great way to finish off a busy day at work and have a glass of Champagne together in such an amazing venue!

The event was from 6 pm- 8 pm, and as the speakers spoke briefly at the start, there was a lot of time to look at the sea life and meet other people. The nibbles were great and there was a lot of it to go around the event, such as Mushroom Gnocchi and Mexican Tortillas.

However, due to the size of the venue, people were intrigued by the seal life and walking around to see all of the sea creatures which made it quite difficult to engage in a conversation with others. Signs with the event name would be useful to save people time trying to find the event entrance, as it was quite hidden.

This was a great event to finish of a busy day at work, despite the lengthy time for networking, the venue made it quite difficult, so I wouldn’t recommend this to people who only want to network. However, it is great for a team catch up after work!

Things to Note:


Sea Life Melbourne Aquarium

Corner King and Flinders Streets

Melbourne, VIC 3000

Cost: Free

Highlight: The sea life and the food

Hot Tip: Take a camera, as the lighting looks amazing at night

Overall Rating:

Network Opportunity: 2/5

Speakers: 1/5

Venue: 4/5

Food: 4/5

Total: 11/20