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MATRADE: Hi-Tea and Business Networking Afternoon Event Review

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On Thursday 22nd of February I attended the launch of the new event management software, Evenesis.

The event was hosted by the IT Company, Y Us at the Malaysia External Trade Development Corporation or otherwise known as MATRADE.

Y Us has become one of the technology experts in the Malaysia event industry and has developed an event management system called Evenesis.


Founded in 2009 by Yusno Yunos. The event management software now has a presence in Singapore, Indonesia, Hong Kong and about to be introduced into the Australian market.

Evenesis hope to improve the user experience on the day of the event and on-site by creating faster lanes and a smoother registration without any delay, this includes facial recognition.



The CEO and Founder, Yusno Yunos spoke and introduced Evenesis. His pitch was  interesting and he presented really well.

All attendees had the opportunity to check-in to the event through facial recognition.

Unfortunately the facial recognition did not work for my face when I went to try and check-in to the event. The Consulate General of Malaysia, Westmoreland Palon was also not able to use the software system himself as he has an identical twin!


The event was held on St Kilda Road from 3pm-5pm which was a convenient time as it was close to the end of the work day so all attendees were relaxed.

After listening to the speaker, we moved into the next room where there was a large spread of afternoon snacks and tea and the opportunity to network.

A lot of the attendees of this launch were actually involved within the company Evenesis and investors who had flown out from Malaysia to attend.

I had the chance to speak with Westmoreland Palon, the Consulate General of Malaysia attended and enjoyed conversing with him.


Things to Note:

Location: Level 7, 432 St Kilda Road, Melbourne, 3004

Highlight: Was a interesting product launch and the afternoon tea was delicious

Cost: Free by invitation

Hot tip: Make sure you get there earlier before speaker begins to introduce yourself to the attendees


Overall Rating

Venue: 4/5

Catering: 5/5 – There was a wide selection of afternoon tea

Speaker: 4/5

Networking opportunity: 1/5

Total: 14/20


WeWork Growth Colony Inaugural Event Review: ‘Brand Strategy and Marketing Strategy’

By Business

I attended the WeWork Growth Colony inaugural event. WeWork is a co-working space located in the Melbourne CBD. The brand has a global presence as is well regarded by early start up founders.

Growth Colony is an event series that they have developed to bring entrepreneurs and small business owners to talk about marketing and everything that goes with it. The event was held at the WeWork office.

The presenter at the event was Peter Engelhardt – Director of Creative Brew & Founder of Plan2Brand. Peter spoke about brand and the role of a brand strategy.  He took the audience through how they can be more effective with their branding, in particular from a start up perspective. The information was relevant and well communicated and identified clearly the difference between a marketing strategy and brand.

The view - WeWork

The view – WeWork

At WeWork Bourke Street

At WeWork Bourke Street

We often develop brand strategies as a part of our work for Business Growth Partners clients. Often people come to us thinking that the brand is the visual identity when there are other strategic elements that are associated with it.

This event had a lot of potential, however there were only 8 attendees besides myself. There was more than enough room for about 40 people in the venue. So this was disappointing from a networking perspective. Often with businesses such as WeWork an agile model is employed when developing concepts. They told me that they only had about a week to promote this event which reduced uptake of the event. There was also no catering of the event and no clear way to get into the building.  When we develop events we usually begin promotions at least a month out. Hopefully in the new year there is potential for WeWork to grow this series as marketing is an area that is so important in start up.

Location: 125 Elizabeth Street, Melbourne 3000

Highlight: The venue – amazing views

Cost: Free

Hot tip: Ask questions if you are a start up founder


Venue: 5/5

Catering: 1/5 – there was water, tea and coffee

Speaker: 4/5

Networking opportunity: 1/5

Total: 11/20