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VCCI Speed Networking Event Review

By Business

Tonight the Victorian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI) held another of their Fast Forward – Speed Networking events. This time the event was held at Pitcher Partners new offices on Collins Street, with a stunning view and an expansive space, it was a great location for the event.


As with the previous Speed Networking events, asides from the event last week, each conversation lasted for two minutes. This was enough time to provide an introduction to your business and learn more about the other person’s business.


Speaking more or less constantly for around an hour in a loud room is always an interesting challenge. Some people were fairly difficult to hear as they were softly spoken, but the majority of attendees made sure they were easily understood.


The attendees of the event ranged from Lawyers with varying size law firms, through to hospitality specialists and everyone in between.  Speed Networking always represents a fantastic way to meet a large number of contact fairly efficiently, while still having a meaningful conversation with them. I also spoke with a few people I had met before. Both during the Speed Networking portion of the event and the networking opportunities at both ends of the event.


The catering presented by Pitcher Partners and VCCI was fantastic, including a wonderful slow cooked lamb and polenta canape! None of the canapes disappointed, all offering something different and equally tasty.


I thoroughly enjoyed this month’s Speed Networking event and will definitely attend the next event in November.



Things to Note

  • Location: Pitcher Partners, 664 Collins Street, Melbourne
  • Highlight: Fantastic way to meet a large number of contacts
  • Cost: 
  • Hot Tip: Make sure to bring plenty of business cards


  • Venue:  4/5
  • Catering: 4/5
  • Speakers: N/A
  • Networking Opportunity: 4.5/5

Total: 12.5/15

Authentic Education Speed Networking – Event Review

By Business

This evening Authentic Education held a Speed Networking event. This event was slower to the previous Speed Networking events I have attended. Rather than having two minutes to discuss both person’s business and exchange business cards, this event allowed two minutes per person with an additional minute at the end to exchange business cards. While this could be beneficial for people who are less experienced with networking, many people who I spoke with agreed that it was too much time.


Despite the extended time the evening was a success. I spoke with a number of people setting up operations within Australia for international companies, ranging from IT service companies through to food technology firms. I also spoke with individuals either starting their own business or working in a local company. The extended time per person also allowed for a more in-depth conversation about how we can help with their businesses.


The host gave out a door prize with a bit of a different twist, he got the people drawn out to give a pitch to the room. I was one of the people drawn and was more than willing to give a pitch.  The host also provided tips and feedback on each pitch. Given the clarity of our pitch the majority of the room understood what it is that Business Growth Partners does and how we can help small and medium businesses.


I thoroughly enjoy Speed Networking events, while this one was at a slower pace, I would certainly attend Speed Networking events by Authentic Education in the future.


Things to Note

  • Location: Curate Gallery, 306 Collins Street, Melbourne
  • Highlight: Opportunity to meet a variety of people
  • Cost: Free
  • Hot Tip: As always, bring a lot of business cards


  • Venue:  3/5
  • Catering: N/A
  • Speakers: 3/5
  • Networking Opportunity: 4.5/5

Total: 10.5/15

Fresh Speed Networking Breakfast: Event Review

By Business

Lachlan and I attended the Fresh Business Speed Networking event on the morning of Friday the 13th of July.

Fresh is a networking community aimed at business owners expand their networks through relationship building in a empowering environment. There are 15 Fresh Hub’s around Melbourne and they host events every two weeks for members and their guests to attend. This event brought together all the Melbourne Hubs.

Lachlan and I arrived at the Metropolitan Hotel where the function room upstairs was set out for our Speed Networking event. Before the actual speed networking began, there was an opportunity to network with the attendees while making a coffee or breakfast.

We were quite impressed with the delicious food on offer at the Metropolitan Hotel. There was a various selection of breakfast items such as eggs, bacon and tomato. As well as a variety of fruit and cereal.  The catering was a real highlight for such an early morning start!

There was a guest speaker, Shaun Resnik from VitalMe. He presented and discussed the importance of active listening. This discussion was quite fitting as we were about to begin our speed networking. The room was busy and loud so actively listening to the business contact in front of you is very important!

Similar to other speed networking events in the past. There were two long tables where you are seated across from a business contact. There are 2 minutes allocated to chat and introduce yourself and your business to the contact in front of you before moving onto the next business owner.

One side of the table was Fresh Networking members and the other side was guests. As there was two of us, Lachlan and I split up so we didn’t chat to the same contacts. The Fresh Networking members all recommended that we joined each of their Hubs.

The type of businesses who attended were a mix. There were mortgage brokers, accountants, law firms, management consultants as well as business coaches, stylist as well as a behavioral specialist.

Overall, Fresh Business Speed Networking event was quite enjoyable to attend. The networking  environment is fast pace and fun. All members are welcoming of new attendees and are keen to continue chatting after your two minutes is over.

Things to Note:

  • Location: Metropolitan Hotel, 263 William Street, Melbourne, 3000
  • Highlight:  Meeting a selection of new businesses
  • Cost: $30
  • Hot Tip: Bring a lot of business cards


  • Venue:  4/5
  • Catering: 5/5
  • Speaker: 3/5
  • Networking Opportunity: 4/5

Total: 16/20

VCCI Speed Networking: Event Review

By Business

Lachlan and I attended the Victorian Chamber of Commerce and Industry ‘Fast Forward Speed Networking’ event.

The event was held on Wednesday 13th of June from 5.30pm-8pm. Located at the RACV City Club on Bourke Street, it was a perfect venue for a large networking event.

The Victorian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, otherwise known as VCCI host regular networking events throughout the year for like-minded individuals to meet and form connections.

Business Growth Partners are members of the organistion. We often attend their events as we find its a great way to meet people and form meaningful business relationships.

The idea of speed networking is that you have two minutes to chat to the business contact in front of you. Before moving onto the next business contact.

This quick 120 second conversation allows you to introduce yourself, your business and discuss who you are and what your business does.

After the formal speed networking ends, there is an opportunity for all attendees to continue to network over drinks and canapes. The RACV Club served up a delicious section of food and beverages.

The type of businesses that attend the Speed Networking event was a mix. There were business owners from different industries ranging from small businesses to large corporate firms such as the big Banks and education providers. There was quite a lot of business development managers at this event.

Overall, I’ve attended a few speed networking events over the past few months and I find them quite enjoyable.  It’s loud, fast paced and quite an interesting way to meet a large selection of businesses. It’s also a great way to perfect your elevator pitch.

Things to Note:

  • Location: RACV City Club, Level 2, Club Pavilion, 501 Bourke Street, Melbourne, 3000
  • Highlight:  Meeting a selection of new businesses
  • Cost: Complimentary ticket with new membership
  • Hot Tip: Bring a lot of business cards


  • Venue:  5/5
  • Catering: 5/5
  • Speaker: 2/5
  • Networking Opportunity: 4/5

Total: 16/20



Tim Smith’s Speed Networking Review

By Business

I attended Tim Smith’s speed networking breakfast on Monday 19th of March. The breakfast was a early wake up, starting at 6.45am at the Little Collins Street cafe, Henry and the Fox.

I was invited by Tim, from Sable International who successfully ran this event.

Before we began in our speed networking, we sat down and ate breakfast. I ordered the smashed avocado and cherry tomatoes on toast which was delicious. It was a great chance to relax and get to really know the attendees. .

The speed networking was very fast paced and loud but the cafe, Henry and the Fox was a perfect environment for a event like this as we were placed in a back room.

Similar to speed dating, there were two long tables where you sit across the table from a partner and have 30 seconds each to introduce and chat about your business. This is where it is important to master your pitch as 30 seconds is a very quick time frame to discuss your business!


The turn out for Tim’s speed networking event was really good, with up to 45 people attending. A few attendees stood up and spoke about other networking events around Melbourne that they find useful to attend such as Fresh Hub networking, Your Time Matters events and South East Manufacturing Association (SEMA). They host regular networking events every fortnight.

This event is a perfect opportunity to network and meet like minded individuals for someone who is new to networking.

Tim has a wide selection of networks from different industries. It is recommended that you join his mailing list as Tim sends regular emails with upcoming events each month.

Things to Note:

  • Location: 525 Little Collins Street, Melbourne, 3000
  • Highlight: Meeting new people and learning about their business
  • Cost: $25 for breakfast
  • Hot Tip: Bring heaps of business cards and a pen


  • Venue: 4/5
  • Catering: 5/5
  • Speaker: 3/5
  • Networking Opportunity: 5/5

Total: 17/20

VECCI Fast Forward Speed Networking Event Review

By Business

The Victorian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VECCI) held its speed networking event on Wednesday 11th of October.
The event was from 5.30pm-8pm at Citadines on Bourke Street.

VECCI Fast Forward Speed Networking event is quite similar to a speed dating event where you sit across from an individual, you are given a total of two minutes to network with the business owner before moving onto the next business contact.

The attendees are the Fast Forward event contained a mix of business development managers, small business owners and relationship managers from corporate organisations such as banks and Universities.

The venue at Citadines had high ceilings and when all participants spoke at once, the event become very loud. Don’t forget to bring in a glass of water in as you are speaking quite fast and loud.
Overall, you meet up to about 20 people throughout the night.

There is the opportunity after the formal networking rounds are finished, to further network with like-minded individuals over drinks and canapes until the event ends.

Location: Citadines on Bourke Street, 131/135 Bourke St, Melbourne VIC 3000

Cost: $60 members, $80 non members

Highlight: Being able to meet a selection of interesting businesses in one night

Hot tip: To remember to bring a lot of business cards to the event so you don’t run out

Rating: 2/5



Attendees at the VECCI Fast Forward Event

Attendees at the VECCI Fast Forward Event

Attendees at the VECCI Fast Forward Event


Small Business Festival: VECCI Fast Forward Networking Event Review

By Business

For the Small Business Festival Victorian Chamber held its speed networking event at Citadines on Bourke Street.

Fast Forward is a similar style event to speed dating where you have a total of four minutes to network with other business owners. Overall, the Fast Forward events you see about 25 people.

The event for the small business festival was well attended and contained a mix of small business owners and business development managers representing corporate organisations who have packages for small businesses. The venue had very high ceilings and this made the event very loud. For someone such as myself who has a soft voice, I found this event very challenging to attend. I even had a participant leave me mid networking to get herself a glass of water. This networking event is not for someone who get’s easily offended.

Location: Citadines on Bourke Street, 131/135 Bourke St, Melbourne VIC 3000

Cost: $60 members, $80 non members

Highlight: Being able to reconnect with regular attendees – that’s where the real value is

Hot tip: If you have a soft voice make sure that you follow up leads a day or two after the event as people may not have heard what you said

Rating: 1/5