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John Maltby Event Review: ‘Creating a Powerful Personal Brand’

By Business

I attended John Maltby’s event about ‘How to Create a Powerful Personal Brand’.

The event was held at General Assembly on Williams Street. General Assembly hosts short-courses, events and workshops throughout the year.

The event was from 12.30-1.30pm which was convenient as it’s throughout lunch time and the location of the event was easy to get to via pubic transport.

John Maltby is a personal branding and career consultant. He focuses on helping his clients define their professional identity by uncovering their unique strengths and skills as well as promoting themselves by defining their core message.

John believes that your own personal brand is the new formula to a career success.

In saying that however, your personal brand can be easily damaged – just like pro golfer Tiger Woods and singer Chris Brown!

John outlined 3 crucial steps in creating your personal brand

  1. Define
  2. Refine
  3. Communicate

Define and deconstruct who you are and what value you bring at your work.

Refine and reconstruct your core message. Create a branding statement that captures who you are and what you do as well as identifying your top skills and your goals.

Communicate and self promote yourself. Highlighting on the importance of your digital presence and making sure that your LinkedIn is a well documented with key words to summarise your work ethic.

John believes ‘when you become visible, you become valuable’.

There was a good turnout to John’s event however there was a very little opportunity to network.

Majority of the attendees actually worked at General Assembly and came to listen to John on their lunch break. As soon as John finished speaking, a lot of the attendees left as they had to get back to work.

This event was the 1st session of his workshop series.

Each Wednesday from 12.30pm-1.30pm over the next five weeks, John will be speaking at General Assembly. His upcoming one hour sessions include perfecting your elevator pitch, creating the ultimate CV,  optimising your online presence and how to uncover the hidden job market.

These five sessions of his workshop are free to attend.

I would attend John’s events in the future. They were informative and he provided a lot of useful tips. The event also being during lunch hours is a bonus as it only took 15 minutes to get into the CBD.

Remember to bring a notepad or a laptop to note down what John is saying. Felt like an hour of power – as he goes through a lot of content and information in the space of one hour!


Location: GA Melbourne, 12A, 45 William Street, Melbourne, 3000

Cost: Free

Highlight: Was a very informative hour

Hot tip: Bring a laptop to take notes and get there early


Overall Rating

Venue: 4/5

Catering: 0/5There was no food or drinks on offer

Speaker: 4/5

Networking opportunity: 0/5

Total: 8/20


John Maltby defining what Personal Branding is


Startup Grind Melbourne Networking Event Review: ‘Reasons for Business Success’

By Business

This month Startup Grind hosted Nick Bell the founder of Web Marketing Experts. Nick spoke about his journey in creating and eventually selling his business, as well as previous ventures. Having a strong sales approach seems to have been one of the primary reasons for the success of his business. Nick spoke openly and honestly during the discussion and answered some tricky questions that the audience posed to him.

The event provided networking opportunities prior to hearing Nick speak as well as after, there were also roving canapes and drinks on offer. Most attendees were at early stages of their start up journey, with some business owners being at the pre-startup phase. If you are looking for networking opportunities at Startup Grind make sure that you take a pen and paper with you to jot down people’s details or get them to connect with you via LinkedIn on the spot as hardly anyone brings business cards.

Location: Holding Redlich, 555 Bourke St, Melbourne VIC 3000

Cost: $30 per ticket

Highlight: Nick Bell speaking openly and honestly about his business and the sales process.

Hot tip: The speaker of the event usually sets the mood and tone for the event.

Rating: 3/5