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#LinkedInLocal Event Review

By Business

This evening #LinkedInLocal held a panel discussion on How to Attract Your Audience Through Storytelling. Held at the Launchpad Hub in Richmond, the event was open to professionals looking to make connections within their community.


There was a wide variety of people present at the event, ranging from news reporters and social media influencers through to hospitality and events specialists. The panel consisted of a news reporter, a Social Media Influencer and a business coach.


The panel discussions were very interesting, covering the how to develop a story, keep your audience engaged and what drives a good story. The panelists were engaging and provided a number of good points. One of the stand-out points that was made is it is better to focus on Noah rather than the Ark. Making your story about people, rather than the facts, allows the audience to relate to the story, by imagining themselves in the shoes of the protagonist.


Once the panel discussions were concluded the attendees were encouraged to break into small groups to discuss creating their own story. The group based discussions were interesting, allowing attendees to share their experiences of sharing their story and learn from others who have shared their story successfully. Attendees were encouraged to record short videos of their story, while this was a good way to get people involved I found that some people were not as comfortable sharing their story on camera.


Overall the event was enjoyable, encouraging people to participate through the exercise after the panel was different. The attendees were incredibly varied and worth taking the time to talk to. I would attend events with #LinkedInLocal again.


Things to Note

  • Location: LaunchPad Hub, 10 Kingston Street, Richmond
  • Highlight: Friendly group of attendees
  • Cost: $30
  • Hot Tip: Get there early and make the most of the networking


  • Venue:  4/5
  • Catering: 3.5/5
  • Speakers: 4.5/5
  • Networking Opportunity: 4/5

Total: 16/20