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That Transform Your Business

Grow Your Consulting Business

Make 2019 the year that you grow your consulting business.

As a consultant you have made the choice to put yourself out there and show the world how to do things your way – the right way.

Imagine having a thriving consultancy that attracts the right clients with team of like-minded business professionals working alongside you. This can easily become a reality. The secret is to have in place the right marketing and sales strategies to succeed.

Alex and Natalia from Business Growth Partners have done this before. Since 2009 we have been running a growth focused consultancy so we can redefine the marketing of our clients.

Now we have made the decision to share our secrets, tips and mindset, so you can have a highly successful consulting business.

In this highly exclusive and interactive workshop you will learn what it takes to create a viable and successful consulting business. It won’t however just be a talkfest, instead we will help you create a growth focused marketing system so you can grow and prosper for years to come

‘Without continual growth and progress, words such as improvement and success have no meaning’
- Benjamin Franklin